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Reviewed by Steve
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You have a bow and arrows so of course you will need something to shoot at, possibly the cheapest way to get started is this 90cm boss made of woven straw with a blue plastic backing. The straw is stitched to form a mat approximately 2 inches thick.

It does stop arrows but if you are going to use it often you are best off not putting an 80 or 60cm target on it as with a bow of almost any size you will shoot through it in short time. Better to use a very small target and move it about, that way it could last you some time.

To test it fully we gave it to an archer and told him to shoot Portsmouths (60 arrows at 20 yards on a 60cm face) and see how long it would last him. Using a moderately powered bow of 40# he shot 14 rounds before arrows were passing through. In another test we wrapped it in plastic and left it outdoors and shot it with 25 arrows twice a week, it lasted 6 months through a pretty dry summer. The reinforced backing of heavy duty plastic, which is also used on the edges does help to keep it together and make it last a little longer.

This is great as a first cheap target when you are not always grouping arrows, you will probably be using a bow of around 30# which is much kinder to this target, if you own a bow of 45# or more you will shoot straight through it.

As is true most of the time you get what you pay for, there are lots of targets which will last longer but then you will have to spend more.

85cm Straw Target



Features & Design

The straw is compact enough that it will stop arrows as long as you don't put too many too often in the same area.


Won't last as long as most other targets.

Value for Money

It's only £24.50, what did you expect ?


If you spend 4 times the cost of this you can buy a straw boss that will outlast this by a magnitude of over 20 times... at least.... but as a cheap target solution it's a short term stop gap.