Artefact Snake Target

Reviewed by Steve
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At almost two and a half feet long this very well painted target is more rubber like than foam like, the advantage of this is that it is a heavy target and will stop arrows very easily but rather than being self healing like Deltas' or McKenzies'  the rubbery foam is more likely to "chunk up" and after a while little chunks will start to be chipped away,

Having said that this is a solid target with no "bits" to be knocked off or broken. There are no scoring rings on this target and it is generally accepted that the head is the kill area.

One excellent feature of this target is that it is hollow along its' entire length which means it can be placed on a branch in true snake like fashion.

Because of it's shape it packs up easily and is strong enough to take careless handling.

Being quite rounded there is the possibility that an arrow which doesn't hit square can glance off and break, but I don't think this is any more of an issue with this target than with any other.

Artefact Snake


Features & Design

Strong 3D with nothing to bend, snap or break off. Hollow underneath it's length it can be placed on branches.


Stops arrows and will last.

Value for Money

Compared to other 3D's in this price range it offers a solid and durable option.


Nicely painted and strong 3d, despit not being quite self healing this 3D will last because of the rubbery texture of the foam.