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Reviewed By Steve , 6 July 2011

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I reviewed the standard winder way back in 2009, in fact I have been using that very same little machine right up to the last few months, it still works just the same as it did when I bought it perhaps 7 years ago even though it has probably made a couple of thousand strings. However in a conversation with Andreas at Beiter I happened to mention the fact that I had never used the Profi or Profi X-Heavy and wasn't sure if they really would make a difference. A few days later and the little rascal had sent both with a note asking me to try them and see what I thought.

In essence it is the same tool, however there are a number of changes from the original to make a significant difference.

Beiter Profi winder

 So... what's in the box ......

The tool body itself is the same for both the Profi and the X-Heavy, the difference between them and the standard version is that 2 of the rollers are steel, we shall see just why this is important shortly.. the tool body still offers the easy set up with the little slot for the serving hole which means it takes no time at all to change yarns, the gliding system is the same and again you get disks for both the American style serving spools and for Angel and others requiring no pins. The main difference between both versions is the spindle which on the Profi is 50 grams and on the X-Heavy it is 80 grams. Plus of course some excellent instructions

Beiter Profi winder

 It isn't just the weight that is different on the spindles, the size of the knobs is bigger on the X-Heavy at 15mm instead of the 9mm ones supplied on the Profi and the standard version.

Beiter Profi winder

This is the reason you need steel rollers, with the extra weight of a steel spindle you can really rack up the tension and with the extra weight of the 15mm - 80 gram spindle this will result in a very tight serving. I love this ability to get super tension on the serving as there are so many new materials for both string making and serving that are offering an increase in performance. Many of them are so scientific that they seem to contain a slippery essence, so much more than just some string with some wax rubbed over them. Getting a nice tight serving can sometimes be a little tricky but now you can take the tension right to the edge.

I tend to start my serving one turn at a time and slowly by hand , however once I am "on", like many, I grasp the string and having set the tension just right I can spin the string which makes the tool whip around the string at a tremendous rat, within seconds it runs up the string making a nice, tight even job, with servings such as Diamond back I get a fantastic even pattern all the way along. Just be sure to be going with the twists on your string and to ensure that the tool is actually the right way around or you will find the yarn coming back through the threading slot.

Check out the picture below, for those of a forgetful disposition you will find the set up instructions actually embedded on to the side of the tool..

If there was one tool I use that I figured I would never change - it was my little Beiter serving tool, these enhancements to create the Profi and Profi-X Heavy are brilliant, the fine adjustment tolerances are considerably improved. if you already have the Profi then it probably won't be worth the extra to buy the X Heavy.

Features & Design  

So often folks mess with something and include new versions that are not really imoprovements on the base model... Here however Beiter have stepped up the performance by beefing up the spindles, a real improvement

Superb, I have used many tools and methods to create a serving and this is by far the best tool on the market
Value for Money  
True, it isn't cheap, but if you have made a few strings and served them without this tool and then with this tool you will instantly see the value.
To be honest...... I wouldn't bother making string servings without this tool, which ever version you buy will result in a great job, if you don't own any of the versions then I would definitely recommend either the Profi or X-Heavy






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