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Beiter Winder Serving Tool

Reviewed By Steve , 13 November 2009

Before I started making my own strings I always wondered not just how the strings were made but how the servings were put on with such accuracy, until someone shows you how to make a string the whole process is like a mystery and you imagine it to be really difficult. The truth is it's actually very easy to make strings, not only that but it can be therapeutic too.

I used many different serving tools before coming across this one, it wasn't that I was unhappy with the ones I was using but this one looked so much more professional.

It is very well made, this particular one is the standard model which has now been improved with steel knobs instead of the plastic ones shown on this one. I don't find the plastic dial type knobs to be an issue but when something is improved by making it from steel instead of plastic I am all for it.

There are 3 levels , the standard, the professional and the professional X-heavy and the price ranges from £29.40 to £36.73

I make a lot of strings and purchased mine quite some time ago without realising there were 3 versions, I have no complaints with this standard one but I am the sort who usually buys the top model just because it is the top model.

Its super easy to set up and you can change spools in seconds, there are no fiddly eyes to thread through and the rollers keep everything nice and straight, the slot rather than hole at the bottom makes life easy. Adjustment for tension is simply a matter of small tweaks on the knobs, the gliding disks work very well, in fact there are two sets, one set for American style spools with little pins and the other smooth set for Angel type spools or those with no pins. There are a number of accessories which claim to make life easier,there is a twister aid tool which I guess helps to twist the tool around the string and keep things lined up - something I have never had an issue with. In fairness I haven't used them but things are tight enough without adding little add ons - but like I said I haven't tried to use them, maybe you have and will have something to add.

The rollers can be up graded to the metal ones and the body is exchangeable, basically any part can be replaced.

It comes in a neat little box and you get :

  • 1 body, ready assembled with 3 rollers
  • 1 Spindle, assembled with 2 steel knobs, 2 puffs one on each braking disc, 2 gliding discs with pins and 2 without.
  • Instructions

Yes it does sound expensive but in all probability you will never need to buy another and it does an excellent job

Beiter Serving Tool

Features & Design half a review mark
This little tool is the product of someones frustration with other tools and has been designed to take the fiddly nonsense out of string serving.
Performance half a review mark
Does no better job than any other when all said and done but it is very easy to use
Value for Money
Anything which makes life easier has to be a good thing and for someone who makes a lot of strings this is worth every penny.
Overall half a review mark
A super tool, this is the standard version and it gets used a lot, I would be interested in trying both the professional and the heavy to see if they improve things further.


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Beiter Winder Serving Tool
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Beiter Serving Tool

I like things that come in their own boxes.

Beiter Serving Tool

Easy to use, easy to change spools and easy to set up.



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