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Reviewed by Steve
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So there I was at a shoot I had been looking forward to for months searching the back of the car for my Spigarelli Comfort Tab, I couldn’t have forgotten it surely. The truth was hard to take, I had forgotten it … I love that tab, I always use that tab, it is unsettling when things are different especially when competing. I am sure you can imagine how upset I was.

I do however always carry a spare tab for the muppet that turns up to a shoot having forgotten his – there is always one… today it was me !

I don’t know why I keep a Black Widow Tab as a spare when I love my Spigarelli so much – I must address that at some point, anyway there it was a brand new Black Widow Tab.

I took myself off for a quick warm up whinging all the while about having forgotten my tab – surely it must be someone else’s fault !!

The Black Widow Tab has 3 layers, in contrast to many other Tabs that have only 2, the finger loop is a Velcro strap as opposed to the toggle and cord one on my usual tab, however it fit very well and despite being new wasn’t stiff as some leather can be, I had great feel through the pads but was still getting total protection.

One of the selling points is that it has anti-pinch flaps, I know of other archers who think they are great, for me they were just flapping nuisance things that got in the way every time I nocked an arrow, I don’t like messing with things that have been designed for a purpose, I usually like to give them a chance, after all someone though it a great idea to build this feature in. I cut them off by the 2nd target.

One other thing worth noting is that string walkers love these tabs as the stitching can be used to position the fingers - I don't string walk but if you do I guess you will probably be using one of these already.

At the end of the shoot I had entirely forgotten that the tab was a new one and of a design I had not used before. Had I used this tab before the current one I used I would be using this now, it’s very very comfortable, offer excellent protection, it’s cheap and comes in 4 sizes.


Features & Design

Several sizes, but only gets 4 from me because of the anti –pinch flaps, to be honest without them it is a 5


I forgot I wasn’t using my regular tab – it is that good

Value for Money

At this price they offer excellent value, there really would be no need to spend more on a tab.


I can’t bring myself to dock a point for the anti-pinch flaps as if you don’t like them they can be cut off – if you do like them they can only enhance your shooting experience, the price alone makes up for the extra mark as I would like to give them a 6 for that. Top Tab… buy one… hell buy two !!! everyone should keep a spare ;-).