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Ever since the very first day I started archery points coming off wooden arrows has been an issue, it seems that every archer you speak to has his own remedy and will end the conversation with " ... and I never get points coming off!" I once knew a fellow who took to putting a very fine nail through the side of the pile which he drilled out with an even finer drill in an effort to keep the blighters on.

....And before you write in to tell me your secret recipe, I have probably tried it, Araldite, both the slow and rapid, ordinary hot melt, specialist hot melt ( I had 17 different types sent as samples once), I have tries super glue and every type of special glue that B & Q and screwfix had to offer.

I use Ferr-L-Tite not because my points never come off, because they still do, but because it's about the best hot melt I have found. It offers an instant bond so I don't have to have hundreds of arrows hanging about drying, I can use the arrow instantly if I want and when a point does come off I can have a new one on in no time and can even salvage the old one if I want to Another reason I like it is that I can change the point on an arrow quickly and with no mess, just heat it up and off it pops, a new one can be on in seconds and the old one once again can be re-used.

I don't believe there is anything that can bond some metal to wood, as soon as there is a temperature fluctuation either hotter than normal or colder than normal the physics tells us that the wood and metal will react in different ways, the point will expand or contract or both and the seal with the shaft will be lost.

This stuff has a high melting point and offers some shock absorbing properties to the end which takes all the punishment.

It isn't ideal but it's the best I've come across...

OK, go on then, if you have a better system tell me what you do ..........

Features & Design
It's Holt Melt - I really don't know what to say !
Performance half a review mark
Works most of the time unless the temperature becomes extreme or the arrows are stored in a hot place ( or cold place)
Value for Money

You don't get much and ordinary Hot melt is damn cheap

It works most of the time, there is never a good time for a point to come off but I would prefer it if they didn't ever ( unless I wanted them to)



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  • Posted by: Wayne on Nov 5, 22:57

    Hi Steve, Got to say I like this stuff. Found this to be the best around and like you say the bonding is instant and I tend to quench the point as quick as I can.
    PS: It also bonds with your skin quickly as well!

  • Posted by: P Hendry on Nov 6, 20:17

    I always use Araldite and my piles never come off. I can’t see the point of using hotmelt

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Nov 6, 21:48

    Well P, you obviously never need to take your points off, mind you lets say you break an arrow and want to salvage the point as many archers do, you will find that when you heat the point it will come off but leaves a crumbly residue in the point making it difficult to re-use. I like the ability to take off a point for any number of reasons, it could be that I just want to use a different point weight – what ever the reason hotmelt means that the point can be re-used. Again I have found with all methods even Araldite that if an arrow is subject to extreme heat or cold then the point will come away from the shaft – my arrows live in a workshop and are not allowed in the house !!

  • Posted by: Andy@archers-review on Jan 12, 10:53

    I have to agree with Steve, he and I have both experimented with numerous different bonds and it doesn’t matter what you use the point can and will come off eventually.

    Not that it happens often but it is good to know a few seconds over a high flame will remove the point if I need to and that’s why I’m a more recent convert to hold melt.

    One thing to note however is that there is a difference in quality between the different hot melts, this being one of the better ones.

  • Posted by: Jonathan Michelin on Jun 10, 00:39

    I agree with Steve, it is a great product, it is good but ive found it burns BAD when you get dripped with it, i used leather work gloves and i couldnt use it right LOL, i started to use hot melt and havelt looked back, the Master Craft Heavy Duty glue sticks, i have not had a problem yet, mybey the guys could do a review of that?

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