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Like most archers when I started I took my lead from those around me, all the guys I knew were shooting with gloves, I used one and got used to it, after that I never gave finger protection much thought, until it was time to buy a new one when they eventually wear through, I used to shoot a lot so would get through gloves quite often, I used to hate getting a new glove and having to break it in.

Everything was fine until I changed my bow, up to then I had been using a Trad English Longbow of quite a light weight, around 42#, in fact I had about 6 all of similar weight. I managed to get hold of a friends Yew English Longbow at 65# and at the same time bought my first American Longbow, a Herb Meland Flipper Stick at 61#

The glove just didn’t give enough protection and within a short time I was left nursing sore fingers, Funny thing about Tabs, when they are fine you don’t even notice them, when they are uncomfortable or not doing their job they can ruin a days archery.

Having tried several different tabs I bought 4 new ones of differing make just to see if I could find something I liked.

Moving from a glove to a tab was always going to be a traumatic experience. The first of my new Tabs I tried was the Spigarelli Comfort Tab, it comes with a detachable finger spacer, Ledge and various other adjustable parts,it is made from Cordovan on the top and at contact with the fingers there is a felt in alcantara ( I didn't know what that was so did a search and it turns out that.....Alcantara is created via the combination of an advanced spinning process (producing very low denier bi-component "islands in the sea" fibre) and chemical and textile production processes (needle punching, buffing, impregnation, extraction, finishing, dyeing, etc.) which interact with each other.........presumably in a good way.

I shoot Field and the style I use doesn’t require a ledge so that came off, in fact I pared it down to just the finger spacer – I had never used one before so wanted to see what it was all about, incredibly there was none of the stiffness associated with a new glove and it felt right at home in my hand. I never have had an issue with the finger pinch but even so didn’t notice the finger spacer so it stayed.

It offers good feel, I like to feel the tip of my finger in the corner of my mouth and because the tab doesn’t cover the ends of my fingers I have a totally positive contact, the metal plate of the tab sits very well in the palm of the hand, they offer 4 sizes so there will be one perfect for you.

I get great protection in the finger groove so drawing a 60#+ bow causes no issues with my fingers, release is smooth and they each last very well, it was an instant hit and I have used one ever since.


Features & Design
Several sizes, several options regarding spacer and ledge  - put it together your way.
I guess the mark of a great tab is that you forget you are using it, if I have a dirty release it never occurs to me that it could be the tabs fault because this tab delivers.
Value for Money
There are cheaper tabs and there are more expensive tabs, for me the issue is not really cost but whether the cost was justified – I would happily pay more for this tab.

I am not sure what else you would want from a tab, but I like it because it’s comfy, durable and sits very nicely in the hand – if you are looking for a new tab this one won’t disappoint.


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  • Posted by: Gary on Nov 7, 01:19

    Is it really worth spending £26 on a tab. I’m only using a cheap one at the moment and it’s getting tatty.

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Nov 7, 09:35

    Hi Gary, firstly you really should be getting some sleep, being up at 1:30am is doing nothing for your archery, in short the answer would have to be yes, if you were entirely happy with the cheap one you are using now you would just go out and buy another of the same so I am guessing all is not well. A decent tab, any decent tab, will really help with your shooting,it doesn’t have to be expensive it just has to be comfortable and easy to use. When you have the right tab you actually forget you are using one and you will feel a difference straight away, there are loads of different tabs out there, for me this is one of the best I have used, but, I would say get down to a dealer and have a feel of a few before you make up your mind – but £26 on this will be well spent.
    Let us know how you get on and what you get..that’s what this site is all about….. shared knowledge.. Chat Soon Steve

  • Posted by: Alison Shearer on Apr 14, 14:59

    The pictures look like the Spigarelli Confort not the Cavalier, is there a review of the Cavalier. Thanks, Alison

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