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I have seen folk slinging their arrows in the boot of a car without any protection, I imagine they get home and throw them in a pile in the shed - I am the complete opposite, I take a great deal of care making and storing my arrows, it seems daft to spend time and money on possibly the most important item of archery kit and then not look after them.

Generally most folks store their arrows in boxes or cases, I have in the past had an unhappy experience when storing them that way - the boxes are great for transportation but if the grooves, grommets or foam is not accurately spaced you could find like I did that your prettiest, straightest and newest arrows have been bent and now all posess a curve in them - not the end of the world as generally an arrow with just one bend can be straightened fairly easily. However, I can do with out that.

Any arrow racks or stands that I have seen in the past tend to be home made affairs with little in the way of styling, something this handsome stand does possess.

This smart little rack from WAC takes up just a small footprint of 7.25"X"14.5"but has the capacity to hold 48 (four dozen) arrows, I know you know how many 4 dozen is I just wanted to emphatically illustrate how many arrows they have managed to get in to such a small space without crowding the arrows together, my boots take up more space than that !

It is made from Polycarbonate and the edges of the top have been bevelled to a pleasing curve with no sharp or hard edges, as has the base. The top guide holes will take an arrow up to 23/64", all the smaller sizes fit well too. The base has a pilot indent which locates, captures and holds the point ensuring that the arrows stay perfectly upright.

Not only is the stand utilitarian but it does make a rather nice feature from your favourite arrows.

Arrow Stand by WAC

These are available at present on a special Archers Review Only OFFER

To order at £18.99

 call 01543 466516

Features & Design
Combining functionality with quality materials and build along with styling and design flair. We like it.
Looks good, keeps arrows straight and takes up only a small space.
Value for Money
You would probably spend more buying some wood and messing about yourself.
The real test is whether the wife will now allow the arrows in the house !! - mine have made it in to the den, which is a bit of a coup and well worth the money. Now I can look at my arrows whilst messing on the PC, an easy 5*


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  • Posted by: Matt R on Jan 5, 19:07

    Ordered my ‘WAC’ rack after seeing the very first production model. Top quality and does exactly what it says on the tin! Solid & stable polycarb construction, this rack can also be used for re-pointing or retouching cosmetic detail on arrows as each arrow is well supported and not jammed in close to others. Takes both my 23/64’s & 11/32’s. A timely, stylish & innovative bit of kit that no doubt will be sought after when the word gets out! I’m sure you won’t regret this purchase…get yours now!

  • Posted by: Trevor Bealing on Jan 7, 19:06

    Got mine for Christmas and really pleased, ordering another at the end of the month – it is as good as they say.

  • Posted by: Andy@archers-review on Jan 8, 09:38

    Glad you guys like them, I have just ordered 2 myself. When you spend so much time and effort making nice arrows it makes sense that you should store them correctly when not in use.

  • Posted by: Nick Cox on Jul 30, 08:46

    I have been meaning to get round to making an arrow stand out of bits of wood for ages. Got tempted by the review and have given up the idea of making my own. They are very well made, bolt together tightly and (despite the impression I got from your photo) are an ideal height to accommodate shorter kids arrows as well as my big sticks. Good for my woodies – but raw sex appeal with carbons/allys I reckon.
    Your wife will love the sleek black looks – and the fact that you have tidied up

  • Posted by: Susan Scheibner on Apr 18, 15:10

    I’m in Pennsylvania, USA. Can I buy your arrow rack and how much is it in US dollars and how much is the shipping? Also I tried to call you using the # above but it didn’t work. From the US I need a country code and then a 9 digit #. If you are in the United Kingdom your country code is 44. But 44 543466516 didn’t go thru.

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Apr 18, 16:11

    just a quick update for our American readers.. country code 44 followed by 00 then the number 543466516 will get you through

  • Posted by: Mark Hodges on Jul 14, 13:00

    Sir, I have been attempting to purchaser this WAC custom arrow stand without luck. Could you direct me to an trusting on-line source for such a purchase. Mark Hodges in USA

  • Posted by: Wayne Wilmot on Apr 4, 07:04

    Do you ship the custom WAC arrow stand to Sweden? If so, how much is shipping. Regards, Wayne Wllmot

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