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That's a lot of money to see if your bow really does weigh in at what the bowyers said it did.

I have a lot of bows and I justified this because I need to know exactly what #age I am holding in order to make sure my arrows are right. Ok let me try again, I justified this purchase because I needed to prove to a mate that his bow wasn't 75# !! Errr... one more try, I justified this because I make the odd bow and need to know what weight it is, also my workshop scales are just too big to carry around.

Oh look I might as well come clean, I couldn't justify the cost of this at the time and I still can't, it's a hundred and fifty quid for Gods sake !! I know I could have spent it better but now that I have it it really does come in useful, at the very least it settles a lot of arguments.

It's small and simple to use, just reset it , use the hook to draw your bow and it captures the peak weight. If like me you are nerdy you can find out what your bows draw at every inch up to you full draw. It can weigh up to 100#

At this price it had better be accurate, and it is. The only niggle I have is that if I leave the batteries in they are always discharged by the time I need to use it, this is because the button is not protected and if you have it in a bag or box invariably something will be pressing on the button as you move about, so I have taken them out and have them jangling about in the nice little drawstring bag it comes with.  Certainly there are other scales but this, being digital is small, easy to use and accurate.

Features & Design

Digital bow scales - nuff said !!

Accurate to .1 of a #, I can't argue with the performance
Value for Money

It can't possibly be value for money can it ? either buy some cheap fishing scales or go to a shop, better yet find a mug that spent £150 on these and ask to borrow them


Depite it being an excellent bit of kit and doing very well exactly what it is supposed to do it's just too expensive to make any kind of sense, unless you run an archery business and need to measure bows.. That's it, that's how I justified it  !!!!!


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  • Posted by: stevee on Dec 12, 14:36

    I’ve had the chance to use this particular one a number of times. It really is a nice bit of kit, but the price is ridiculous! In fact, unjustifiable Steve, haha

  • Posted by: Michael Schofield on Jan 17, 14:23

    Can this be any better than a basic digital weigh scale used for fishing for about twenty quid? I agree, unjustifiable but then some people like to have names on the things they buy.

  • Posted by: Andy@archers-review on Jan 18, 09:30


    This is specifically for testing bows, therefore it’s handle is idea for drawing the bow as you would normally, you wouldn’t be able to do that accurately or possibly safely with fishing scales, and the £20 ones tend to only go up to 50lbs or so.

    Not that I am in disagreement about the price however, internally they will be doing exactly the same as the fishing scales. The one different however is the very small size, again not a justification but the higher price will also be related to the micro size.

  • Posted by: Ian Norwood on Nov 23, 16:12

    Not knowing what to buy the guy with everything he wants, my wife bought me a set of these for my birthday. On testing our bows we were surprised to see how much they all were, this made me a little suspicious. As there is a guy who works as scales engineer in our club I asked him if he could test our Easton scales with test weights. He found that they over-read by 4% which is quite a lot, but knowing this made sense with the weights of our bows. I used to have a Saunders Bow scale (spring balance type which I actually sold to the scales engineer) and these were spot on accurate. I believe that Easton will recalibrate the scales but I’ll have to send them to the States, so I’ll just do a bit of mental arithmetic instead.

  • Posted by: Ian Norwood on Nov 23, 16:26

    I forgot to add that these scales are aimed at compound archers. They will automatically read peak weight and let off weight and show these as two values in the read-out. They are also an integral part of and have the facility to communicate with Easton’s Bow Mapper System which is one of the reasons they cost so much.

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Nov 23, 16:42

    Ian, you are a lucky fellow having everything (lend me a Rick Welch Pro hunter !) -I am a little taken aback that the set you had tested were 4% out, I think I should probably have mine tested and will report back here once I have.. Cheers for the feedback..

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