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Reviewed By Steve , 9 December 2012

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There was a time when the only targets available in the UK were Delta's. Delta targets are light and I remember how impressed I was when first seeing a Mckenzie target which is made of a more solid foam. Then some years ago I saw my first Eleven target. Less and less American made targets are used in Europe, the reason is a combination of high import costs, exchange rates and the fact that European manufacturers are turning out superb 3D targets at very competitive prices........ even without touching this 3D you can tell that it is a solid beast.. pick it up and you are in for a surprise.

Eleven Archery Target

The material it's made from is beyond foam, more like a rubber, heavy, solid and built to last. Eleven use something called EP for most of their targets, where a particularly large target is made then just the removable kill area is made from this hard wearing material, being small this fellow is 100% EP. We have had about 12 of these on test for over a year, when I say on test I mean on test - they get shot by dozens of archers on a weekly basis. This particular little critter is one of my favourite targets. I say that with both of my hats on... as an archer it's just big enough so that even at longer distances it can be hit, standing 66cm tall and 30 cm x 32 cm ( approx 2'2"x 1' x 1') it presents a nice chunky silhouette from which ever angle it is shot.

This means it has just enough volume so that unlike some of the skinnier targets you are unlikely to skim off, we have a Turkey Hen by another manufacturer which is the kiss of death to wooden arrows as they just seem to slide off if you don't get a square hit. This however isn't hard, it has enough give to let the arrow "grab" the target even when it has been hit on the very edge.

Eleven Woodchuck targetWith my other hat on as the person who has to buy in these targets for our archery experience venue I am keenly aware that you are buying a consumable, ultimately when it has been shot up and truly bashed it will be thrown away. So, the longer these targets last the better from a business point of view, of course that is going to be the same for anyone who buys a 3D either as an individual or for a club.

It isn't just about the bottom line, if it were we would probably all shoot at lumps of cardboard as it is cheaper, or paper faces. The thing is once you have shot 3D you are unlikely to want to shoot at paper and I am firmly in the solid target camp rather than "pictures". The criteria of what makes a good 3D for me, include how good it looks, how well it wears, not just from shooting but from transport too. I would say that many 3 D's suffer most damage when getting moved about. Not everyone likes to leave 3 D's out permanently. Finally the cost or value for money will be a key factor.

This little chap looks great, there are not too many woodchucks lurking around the countryside of England, but he certainly corresponds to what one should look like. We never leave 3D targets unsupervised but I do know of several clubs that do so, great for the members but ultimately a crime waiting to happen. Having said that other makes should not be left during the colder seasons, usually once the wet gets in and then it freezes you are most likely to end up with a pile of chunks of foam. The frost and cold can degrade a 3D very quickly. These are so robust that the wet will have a hard job finding a way in.

The rounded edges and lack of protuberances make this a tough target to damage through careless handling, there is nothing to break off, no sticky out bits to get shot off and no little arms or legs that folk will use as a handle when moving them about. As regards the shooting, it soaks up punishment, resists "chunking" ( you know what I mean) at the edges and arrows don't penetrate too far in to the body which means it will last longer. There are Kill areas marked on both the front and the back and the bonus of a heavy weight target and arrows that are unable to penetrate is that you effectively double the lifespan of the target by using the back in addition to the front.

It's no surprise the arrows won't go too deep the clue is in the fact that he weighs 5.3 kg - that's a mighty 11 1/2 pounds in old money and that's the reason I buy them.. you could drop kick this woodchuck and it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference. Eleven are making some terrific archery 3D targets and we have a whole herd of stuff on test... stand by for the scoop on the rest of the range..

Features & Design half a review mark
Solid EP means even heavy bows/arrows don't penetrate too deep. The size is excellent and nothing to break off  - looks like a woodchuck.
Performance half a review mark
Excellent performance, again the size makes it a meaningful target and the solid nature of the shape avoids arrows skidding off.
Value for Money half a review mark
5.3 kg of solid little target that will still be taking arrows after several years.
Overall half a review mark
My favourite 3 D as a consumer, it looks good, it's a great size and it's won't break, even after 1 year of being hammered it is still going strong and that means I won't be having to put my hand in my pocket to replace it too quickly.


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  • Posted by: Stevee Rand on Dec 9, 22:39

    As some of you know, I’m out shooting competitions most weekends, and these Elevens targets are showing up all over the place, fast becoming the 3D of choice for most clubs.
    There are a number of good reasons for this. Density great enough to stop an arrow from any bow, generally good detailing and colouration, not too many easily broken off appendages, and best of all, very good wound healing quality of the material.
    Now, you’ll notice on Steve’s Woodchuck, there are holes visible. This is only due to the type of arrow used on his game days. These have a pile on them with a greater diameter than the shaft, causing a little pullout of material. This is not a problem that I’ve noticed when we’re pulling proper arrows from the Elevens targets. One other very compelling reason archers like them, is that no matter how hard you put an arrow in them, the arrow comes out nice and easy!
    An excellent quality 3D to rival the top American make, and a hell of a lot less money too!

  • Posted by: Nick Cox on Oct 29, 07:18

    I thought it might be helpful for others if I shared our experience of these targets. Our club bought a large batch of them last year. They are cheap compared to some other makes, and very pleasant to pull arrows from. However in our experience they will not last long if they require any handling. We have to lay out and collect in our 3Ds for each shoot and have tried to exercise care in handling them. After only four shoots a substantial number have lost ears or suffered substantial fissures where they flex. The large tiger seems to soak up water and seems prone to split around the insert. The rear leg of the standing deer is too thin to support the weight of the target – the whole thing sags. Those which are basically solid shapes with no protruberences have performed OK, but personally I find them rather bland and the mouldings not especially realistic. Perhaps we got a bad batch, I don’t know, but we will not be buying Elevens again.

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