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Franzbogen Turkey Hen

Reviewed By Steve , 28 September 2010

The Franzbogen line up of 3D targets includes a Turkey Hen and a Strutting Turkey. The Turkey Hen shown here has been on test for over 2 years.

The Foam used by Franzbogen is more solid than others and although it does absorb arrow impacts well it will not last as long as some, we have noticed that the foam is not quite as self healing as some, also hits toward the edges of the target will tend to "chunk" out over time - however this must be tempered by the fact that they are some way cheaper than others too.

This target is 69cm tall and 86cm long (27" X 33"), it should be noted that every surface is rounded and a less than solid hit will result in an arrow skidding off often resulting in a breakage. This can't really be held against a target which looks exactly like what it is supposed to be and Turkey hens do not have clean square edges.

My first thought upon seeing it in the flesh was that the head would last no time at all. However during the course of normal use all seemed well until he was hit in the head from a heavy arrow from a 60# Pronghorn. The head was separated from the body but was held in place by two metal wires which were placed inside the 3D for this very purpose, that is a nice design feature which you wouldn't know about unless you managed to break the neck.

This is a good target despite it's ability to snap arrows. The base has a hole up through the legs for a ground peg to be inserted.

Franzbogen Turkey Hen

Features & Design half a review mark
From an archers point of view this is a tricky target often resulting in a "skid off" if not a solid hit, this can mean broken arrows, from the point of view of the person buying it, the head and neck area are cause for concern, however the designed have addressed this by moulding inside the 3D 2 wires which stop the head from becoming detached. Despite the addition of wire struts in the neck nobody likes to see a broken 3D.
Performance half a review mark
This target doens't get used as often as some because of the issues above.
Value for Money
This particular 3D may not be such wonderful value as many others in the Franzbogen line.
Overall half a review mark
A good looking target, they have done a good job producing a Turkey hen which to be fair is exactly this shape. The rounded nature of the body may cause snapped arrows but that will only teach you to get better or place the target closer... al in all a good tricky target.


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Essential Details
What :
Franzbogen Turkey Hen
Price :

Franzbogen Turkey Hen

 Has 2 Scoring rings and a base.

Franzbogen Turkey Hen-

Neck is reinforced with 2 steel wires.

Franzbogen Turkey Hen-


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