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Neet Shooting Glove

Reviewed By Steve , 4 October 2009

The Neet Glove is almost identical to the Gompy version. If I had to point out a difference I have found that the leather on the Neet glove is a tad softer than that offered buy the Gompy. This means the Neet may break in quicker than the Gompy but the Gompy leather does keep a nice shape being that little bit tougher. The elastic on the Neet can be a little longer and wider to the wrist strap so if you have long hands might be a better bet. Which one you choose will be a matter of preference as they are both good.

The seams once again are stitched along the back on both sides of each finger giving a nice snug fit.

Be sure to choose a glove with a tight fit, when purchasing one don't choose the one that fits when new go for the tighter one as long as it is not too uncomfortable as the leather soon gives. A tighter glove and better fit on the fingers will aid in getting a smooth release.

These are good gloves and I have no problem recommending them.Best bought when you have tried them on for size.

Features & Design
Seams are stitched at the back of the finger on both sides giving a nice snug fit at the fingers. the leather is thick offering good protection.
As long as you have the right fit a glove is an excellent finger protector.
Value for Money half a review mark

At around £8 you can expect at least a year of hard shooting.

Good protection, nice tight fit, enhanced feel adds to the shooting experience.




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  • Posted by: Stevee on Dec 12, 13:45

    Been using my Neet glove for about a year now. Shot countless arrows with it and never had any problems or issues to talk of. I too, bought one that was a little too tight to begin with, but it wore in very quickly. A good quality item!

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    Neet Shooting Glove
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    Neet Glove-

    Quality leather well stitched

     Neet Glove-

    A good fit is essential.

    Neet Glove-


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