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Reviewed by Steve
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If you own no other arrow paraphernalia a grain scales is a great first step. incredible as it seems most folks are staggered the first time they weight that great set of arrows they have been shooting. To find that there is up to a 20% difference in weight between the lightest and the heaviest is a real eye opener.

For target shooters using wood arrows having them weigh the same is part of the matching process.

Even though I shoot field I like my arrows to be within a certain tolerance ( I won't tell you what that is because you will think I am a nerd !).

Apart from that it is useful to know how much your arrows weigh, could they stand to lose a little weight, if so you may fine that you can shoot a little flatter for a little further. A hunter will want to know the weight of his arrows lest they be too light and rob him  of penetration. There are literally a hundred ways a digital grain scales can come in useful.

This little fellow came to me via the States but I suspect it was made like everything else these days in China - I have nothing against that as we all need DVD players for thruppence farthing, I have even got one in my workshop !

It measures in Gram, Carat, Grain and Ounce, but it's the grain function that really comes in useful. It has a mode for tare so you can weight several things at once. There is a back light function and if it doesn't get used for 2 minutes it shuts down which is an excellent function for someone like me. This one has been dropped several times from the work bench on to a concrete floor with no ill effects so it's pretty robust too.

With it comes a calibration weight so you can check and reset it at any time.



Features & Design

Nice scales, they have all the functions an archer needs.


Always accurate, the addition of the calibration weight means you can check it at any time

Value for Money

Excellent value, similar scales used in the jewelery trade will cost upwards of £100


Accurate, reliable and cheap, you can't ask for more.