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Opechee Klingon 4 Tube Quiver

Reviewed By Steve , 18 October 2009

I bought my first Opechee quiver over 12 years ago, I wanted something sturdy enough not to fall apart but I didn't want to spend a fortune, the Opechee looked like it might fit the bill.

I have used this quiver for Target and field archery, it is excellent for target and as good as any side quiver when it comes to field.

There are a number of features that make this quiver stand out from many others. It is made from a heavy duty tough nylon material similar to the stuff they make rucksacks from, it is very well stitched together indeed as even the original quiver ( and I now have several) has never had even 1 stitch break or come loose.

There are two parts to the quiver, the first is attached to a belt, this in turn is attached to the rest of the quiver by two strong clips. The advantage of this system is that you can unclip the bulk of the quiver at will making it easier to sit down without risk of breaking arrows. Such a simple idea but a feature which most quivers don't have and one which sets this quiver apart from the rest. Generally the quiver is available in black with several accent colours.

The 2 part system with the clips seems to make this quiver less susceptible to turning itself upside down in the wind, something worth thinking about if you shoot target.

There are 2 zipped pockets and again despite the amount of use this quiver has had over the years all the zips still function well. The pockets are a decent size and large enough to accommodate a Bracer, Tab and other little bits an archer might need, there are two little pen holders and an open pocket which is ideal for a score card, the tubes themselves are held secure inside the quiver by use of an elastic loop.

All in all a superb side quiver which is made to last.

Opechee Quiver

Features & Design half a review mark
Well thought out side quiver, excellent for target and, personally I don't use a side quiver for field as the instrinsic design causes problems in the woods, however if you like side quivers then this is one of the most functional out there and scores high because of this.
Performance half a review mark
Excellent as a Target quiver, once in the woods the usual problems of snagging on trees and branches becomes evident, I have scored this for an archer that might do both, if it were to be used exclusively for target it would score much higher, but it is a side quiver and I don't want to penalise it for not being something else. It's a 3 as a field quiver and a 4 as a target quiver.
Value for Money half a review mark
Once again in this category as a target quiver it is great value as a field quiver it is subject to the same limitations as described above. It's a 3 as a field quiver and a 4 as a target quiver.
Overall half a review mark
As side quivers go it is one of the best and scored high because of this, if you are looking for a target quiver then you just found it, if you are looking for a field quiver, keep looking and check out some of the other reviews on the site, in particular the GFA quiver.




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Essential Details
What :
Opechee Klingon 4 Tube Quiver
Price :

Opechee Quiver

Tough Construction and several pockets.

Opechee Quiver

Available in several accent colours.

Opechee Quiver

Handy clips to remove from belt

Opechee Quiver

Solid stitching means this will last and last.


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