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Reviewed by Andy
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When you spend hundreds on a new bow, you really need something decent to protect it, ACS bows as standard come in a rather nice fleece bag with separate areas for riser and limbs, however when I ordered my first every brand new ACS CX I decided to upgrade to a Safari Tuff Rhino case. As an upgrade the cases are an additional $70 however if ordered directly from Safari Tuff they are $5 cheaper. The difference is the A&H versions have their logo and the standard cases the Safari Tuff logo.

The case is immediately impressive, it's light and compact and comes with a wide and strong carry strap and a handle. There are no zips to break just tough clips on adjustable straps which keep the bow in place. Undo the straps and the bag folders out to reveal 3 separate areas, the top holds the limbs, then middle has three pockets kept shut by ample Velcro and the bottom part which is a holder for your riser. The limb and riser areas are the same fleece I mentioned earlier and all three (one each for the limbs) have draw strings at the top. At the side are two flaps which fold out when open but tuck in when closed to form a seal to stop things falling out the sides. In addition to the fleece the bow is further protected by closed cell ethafoam so it's very well protected.

The bag is very practical as when opened and folder it creates a surface to assemble the bow.

I got one of these with my new ACS, as did my wife. So impressed was I by it I immediately purchased 4 more for my other take down bows. It is much better than the normal hard plastic cases used for take down bows as it is both light and easy to throw over your shoulder, particularly so with recurve limbs as these tend to form a natural curve around your back. I definitely recommend the bag to anybody using a take down bow.


Features & Design

Brilliant, packed with everything you need, the bow is very well protected, there are ample pockets and it folds up really well. Also told that it floats in water but I won't be putting that to the test.


Does everything it needs to, if you like to take your bow down.

Value for Money

As cheap as a normal soft bag, but offers the protection of a semi or even rigid case for less money. With that in mind a bargain


Offers the best option all round, most bow cases are cumbersome and heavy, this is light and easy to wear, I wouldn't have a problem taking this out and about anywhere I needed to go.