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Selway Slide On Stick Quiver

Reviewed By Steve , 3 November 2009

An altogether different quiver option - the bow quiver, loved by hunters for obvious reasons, where an arrow in a side quiver getting snagged in the woods is an inconvenience to a field archer it spells doom for a hunter if it happens during a hunt. If a hunter should need to take a quick second arrow he doesn't want to be fumbling over his shoulder for one out of a back quiver.

This version, and there are many, is a slide on version for Recurves, designed for a 1pc which would have no limb bolts for a bolt on. It holds 6 arrows, there is a longbow version which holds 5 - and before you ask... I don't know for sure probably because it's slimmer.

Designed to fit almost any recurve and will fit limbs from 1 1/2" to 2" Wide, the Longbow version fits 7/8" to 1 3/8" wide. Cabelas sell them this way although 3 rivers sells a Recurve version with just 5 arrow grippers.

The hood is made from rawhide and held together with what looks like sinew, it is filled with foam which can be cut for either broadheads or field points. There is adjustment on the clip part to change the angle so that the arrows can align with the hood.

It is an excellent way to carry arrows if you only need 6. I have used it several times in an effort to get used to it but for some reason I just wasn't keen. Much research and development has gone in to designing a bow to perform a certain way, a lot of time was taken to get everything to the designers specification and then I come along and stick a slide on quiver on it which alters the whole way the limbs work and the balance and feel of the bow - somehow doesn't seem right, quite possibly just a mental thing for me, I have used bolt on quivers and had no issues but something which slides on the limb leaves me feeling uneasy.

Having said all that whilst testing it I could not say that it's use had in any way changed the behaviour of the bow or the way it shot or appeared to shoot. It is in fact very light, much lighter than it looks.

I have to say though that a bow quiver on a bow does look good.Rating this was trick, just because I am not a fan of bow quivers what not a good enough reason to penalise this on, Despite my prejudices this quiver operated as it should, held the arrows securely and didn't infringe the shooting of the bow, if you must have a bow quiver and own a 1pc with no bushings then your choice will be limited, but this quiver does not offer the adjustment of the Thunderhorn "Boa".

Features & Design
Quite simply it slides down the limbs, you will want to get it as close to the riser as you can and this model seems to fit a lot of bows.
Works fine ,those that use bow quivers will probably love it.
Value for Money half a review mark
This is a tricky one, although it does the job I am not a fan of bow quivers and this one didn't win me over, however if you are a fan and own a 1pc you will be limited in choice, the price of this one is a tad more than others available, it's by Selway so you know it's quality.
Overall half a review mark
Quality and design are what you would expect from a manufacturer of Selways standing.


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Essential Details
What :
Selway Slide On Stick Quiver
Price :

Selway Stick Quiver

The two parts slide on the limbs.

Selway Stick Quiver

Sexy leather hood with sinew stitching.

Selway Stick Quiver

Grippers take 6 arrows - the Longbow version takes 5.



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