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Thumb Glove By Grozer

Reviewed By Steve , 21 September 2009

Thumb Glove for Horse style bows. If you shoot a Scythian, Mongolian or any of the Hunnish or Turkish bow, and shoot them the way they were intended to be shot, i.e off the thumb, then you will need some sort of protection on the left hand thumb.

The glove is made from pretty sturdy leatherand works well to protect the hand from iffy fletches when using the hand as a shelf. I have in the past used an ordinary glove or just cut away the bulk of a standard leather glove but this, as far as I know is the only glove sold specifically for this purpos, which probably accounts for the £11.50 price tag, you can buy a leather shooting glove from £5.50 and that has 3 fingers !

Regardless of that it works well as long as you buy the right size and there are 3, choose the one that feels tight as they stretch quite quickly, mine felt ok to start but in short time I am finding it baggy - my fault, not the gloves.

The stitching is solid and I have had no dramas with this glove. This protection is especially important with a bow that shoots off the hand and in the past I have seen some very nasty wounds inflicted by fletches coming off the arrow and in to the hand, if you are not going to use this at least use something.

Thumb Glove

Features & Design
Protects the bow hand from the arrow pass, especially important when using feather fletched arrows.
Get a nice tight one with no wrinkles and you will be laughing.
Value for Money
Given that it is the only one I have come across it isn't such a terrible price to pay.
It's a glove for the bow hand !!


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Essential Details
What :
Thumb Glove By Grozer
Price :

Thumb Glove

Ensure you buy the right size.

Thumb Glove

You will save yourself a lot of pain using a glove.


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