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Tim Roberts Back Quiver

Reviewed By Andy , 21 September 2009

Quivers are something very personal, some are happy with side quivers, others like the more traditional back quiver and the odd few like a hip quiver. It often depends what sort of archery you are in to as target archery doesn't have that adventure element and therefore a lot of standing around lends itself to a side quiver, venture in to the woods and they become a little more cumbersome, catching on branches and the like.

I have experimented with pretty much everything and that includes a back quiver. Tim Roberts used to own Traditional Leather Works but sold the company late in 2008, however while he was there he made a fantastic line in back quivers, I got mine as part of Tradgangs annual St. Judes charity auction. I'm not sure how much I paid for it in the end but they used to retail for around $200, that seems like a lot for a quiver, and it is, but this is a show piece of fantastic leather work, as much decorative as functional. 

The first thing to say is the quiver is large both in depth, at around 25" and girth offering a ton of space to put plenty of arrows.  It's also made of exceptionally thick and tough leather so is pretty solid, not saggy at all. The is a single strap which is again thick and wide offering adjustment via a buckle and also a clip so the quiver can be removed easily. There is the addition of an outside pocket which has some space, but in honesty it's not large enough to hold anything practical like a bracer, but you might get a tab or glove in there. That's not a major downfall as the quiver is so large there is generally enough space to get your kit inside the quiver along side your arrows. 

It's the quality craftsmanship and decorative nature that makes this quiver a bit different. I have had it for over 18 months and it looks exactly the same as they day I got it, I would also imagine it wasn't brand new then. At the top is a bear paw decoration made using raw hide which is very attractive and brilliant leather work, under this is some frill made of softer leather. The pocket is secured with a rather nice looking section of antler which adds to the traditionally nature of the quiver. 

I used this quiver for close to a year while shooting, it has all the advantages but also all of the pitfalls of a standard back quiver. Getting the arrows out isn't too difficult but does require some level of contortion, the physical weight of it also means it tends to slip down your back so you need to pull the strap to bring the quiver closer to your shoulder when taking an arrow from it. There is plenty of room for arrows but unlike some back quivers there is no way to separate some arrows out for special attention, it's just one hole so selecting specific arrows can be a little difficult. When shooting in the woods it does keep itself out of the way, but it did tend to shed arrows on the floor when I had to bend down to the floor to pick something up.

All in all this quiver is a fantastic work of art, as practical as any back quiver it's well worth looking at if form is as important as function.


Features & Design
Stunning workmanship and very rugged.
About as good or bad as any back quiver, could have done with some way of keeping the arrows under control.
Value for Money
Not cheap but you are paying for a hand crafted work of art rather than a practical quiver.
Very nice indeed. Possibly more suited to a target environment. 


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Tim Roberts Back Quiver


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