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Every year there are new archery products coming on to the market which claim to improve on what has gone before, as new products appear old ones disappear. Here is one product which does not deserve to be gone from the market!.

It seems that Arten are no longer making archery kit, I don't know the full story or indeed any of it but a company who have made some great stuff is no longer manufacturing. 

Although no longer in production the Tollgate Jig can still be found being sold on the internet.

This is actually my Jig of choice for bulk fletching, it's solid, dependable, sturdy and yellow. It doesn't do fancy helical but it will put on 3 or 4 fletches in a variety of configurations and although it doesn't do helical it is possible to introduce an offset to the fletch up to quite a severe angle.

The clamp is steel, which I like, when the build up of excess glue interferes with the next fletch you can run a craft knife down the sides and along the "blade" without harming the clamp at all, it has a graduated scale which is stuck on the clamp, at first I thought this would come off in short time but after years of use the scales are all still there and can be used and read.

They can be mounted to point upward if you wish and I believe there is an attachment for this very purpose, I prefer them loose and like to be able to grab a jig, put an arrow in it and move it along - I have put literally thousands of arrows through these jigs without any hitch what so ever  - I think I may grab a few more before they are gone forever.

Features & Design
Doesn't do Helical but will do everything else
Magnet is strong and the clamp holds secure
Value for Money

Excellent value from a well made product

Price makes this a hit despite the lack of Helical




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  • Posted by: Richard W.NOLAN on Oct 23, 23:43

    i agree with your review of the tolegate jig.I have been given one and it a very well made piece of equipment.On a different tack do you know any record of archery equipment dating from 1990’s forwards with descriptions and photographs.I am trying to identify the manufacturer of the vaious parts of a sight and an arrow rest which has recently come into my possession.They are unmarked and disassembled

  • Posted by: Lez on May 16, 15:22

    Where can I purchase these Tollgate fletching Jigs?



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