Bearpaw Deluxe Alloy Taper Tool

Reviewed by Steve
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Another Taper tool, this time by Bear Paw. This has the feel and finish of a quality tool, not only that but it comes in a super little storage box. In much the same way as the Tru Center and JVD taper tools, this has 3 collars which adapt the tool to taper 3 sizes of shaft from 5/16", through 11/32" to 23/64".

The collars flush fit into the body of the tool. One end is set to cut the 5° taper for the point and the other for the 11° taper for the nock, additional blades are available.

It does an admirable job of cutting both angles, in my view it has the edge on the Tru Center tool, it has a wonderful quality feel made in a non reflective alloy but where it scores over the Tru Center is the little box and the price of just £18.95, although the Tru Center is available in the States at $29.95 it is on sale in the UK at £31.50.

That is a huge difference and makes the Bearpaw a fantastic buy. The JVD is a tad more but does have the little adjustable screw which is why it is still my favourite.

Having said all that you won't go wrong with this great tool.



Features & Design

Excellent finish, quality ergonomic design.


Does the job with style.

Value for Money

The cheapest metal taper tool and with it's own case - phenominal value


Excellent tool, I have no hesitation in recommending this.