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There is more choice available for arrow wood than most archers realise, despite the predominance of POC on the market there are other woods which have exceptional characteristics for making arrows. Chris Boyon has been making pine arrows for some considerable time, I have been using his shafts along with others for many, many years.

I like these pine shafts for several reasons, firstly I tend to prefer a heavier rather than lighter arrow because this utilises more of the bows energy and tends to give a softer shot, meaning there is less in terms of wasted energy and vibration coming back through the bow, it's true that many of the bows available today are very low or no shock, but my preference is a heavy arrow with a big fletch. Were I hunting then pine would allow me to start with a shaft with some real weight behind it, weight of course aids penetration. We are not talking about mad weights here a pine shaft would be some 50-90 grains heavier than the equivalent poc shaft. I find too that generally the weights in any given batch of the same spine are within acceptable limits and allows close matching to be done.

In terms of strength I have found that pine is tougher than poc, so if you anticipate bouncing arrows around the woods pine ones will stand up to it a little better. Boytons pine shafts come to me generally very straight, always a good property in an arrow. However, storage, shipping and age can all play a part in putting a kink in a once straight shaft and these shafts straighten well and hold their straightness too.

I taper a lot of my own arrows as a tapered shaft offer some advantages over a parallel one, however Chris will do this for you and the extra charge is really negligible for what you get, I have found this to be a huge advantage with having a shaft manufacturer in the UK. I also should mention that Chris will happily provide shafts from 1/4" right through to 1/2" shafts for guys that shoot the monster War bows and you don't get that service shipped in from the States.

I can definitely recommend Boyton shafts, and if you don't normally use them I would say, "give them a go", you may be surprised, I know many archers shooting light weight arrows when something a little heavier might improve the efficiency of the bow, flight characteristics and accuracy... It isn't all about speed. 

Features & Design half a review mark
Since bows were invented pine has been used as an arrow wood, it's lightness in comparison to other woods and it's straight grain mean it is the ideal choice.
Performance half a review mark
Excellent performance - shafts should always be matched to the bow.
Value for Money half a review mark
Even a little cheaper than poc, wonderful !!
Overall half a review mark
Great shafts which will produce excellent arrows

Boyton Pine


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  • Posted by: Darren Chaplin on Mar 14, 22:04

    Steve, Wouldn’t mind trying these, but no contact details for C.Boyton in this review, also would it be possible to get a 5/16 shaft with a taper (possibly down to 1/4”) as I feel (Through observation not testing) that a narrow shaft for a given spine/weight seems to hit a little harder. I shoot 45-50lb spine arrows out of some of my bows so prefer the less common 5/16 dia in this weight. Also the following seems to produce slightly faster arrows;
    1) Combi point seems faster than conventional field points/piles.
    2)5” Parabolic feathers seem to travel faster than 4” Shield. Is is down to the more aerodynamic profile of these components, or just my imagination?

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Mar 17, 19:38

    Hello Darren,
    now here is a can of worms !!! I could write a novel, but better yet I have mailed you. There will be several articles relating to arrows over the next few months in the magazine portion of the website… stay tuned because you will love them…. Steve

  • Posted by: Chris Winton on Jan 11, 21:04

    Steve, Please could you mail me contact details for Chris Boyton as im keen to try pine shafts. Ive also managed to build my own arrow tapering tool through lots of trial and error. I shoot a 45 lb flat bow and i usual shoot 5/16 however i thinking of trying 11/32 tapered or barrelled to 5/16, but im struggling with stu millers dynamic spine calculator can you help point me in the right direction. Many thanks Chris

  • Posted by: John Little-John-Arrows on Oct 13, 09:48

    I agree with all that Steve has writen about these shafts.I make most of my arrows from pine with the odd exception finding that the spine and weight reletivity is right comparing it to what the Victorian arrows are made of a good tough shaft with straight grain made by Criss Boyton a man that knows his trade .

  • Posted by: Pip deaton on Jan 24, 13:48

    How do I get in touch with mr. Boyton?

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Jan 24, 17:19

    try this…

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