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Unfortunately wooden arrows break, in fact they can at times break far too often. I shoot almost exclusively in the woods and it seems course layers like to set a course which is both challenging and expensive. If this wasn't the case the drive to get better would be less if you were not regularly smashing a couple of arrows when you first start out, however the inevitable consequence is that you spend a lot of money buying arrows, or in most peoples case arrow components.

Most people are more than happy to make their own arrows and get a great deal of satisfaction from doing so. In theory it also works out cheaper to do so as the basic components cost less than a set of ready made arrows, however I would argue all the various bit of paraphernalia add a significant cost to the process.

Personally I prefer to buy my arrows, but unlike the masses I have my own personal fletcher and very good he is too. I had purchased various ready made arrows in the past and while they were fine they didn't have that wow factor, either being bare wood with no protection or kitted out with arrow wraps. I had been looking at my favourite website,, when I came across an advert for some ready made arrows by Joe Lorenzen. They were cheap, something like $75 which at the time was around £40, and from the pictures they looked exceptionally good. I contacted Joe and he was more than happy to ship them to the UK for me and for a very reasonable $20 or so, this meant that the total cost of the arrows were less than a very ordinary set I had just taken delivery of from a UK based archery retailer.

It took a couple of weeks for delivery, but there was no extra to pay in tax or customs charges. When I opened them I was stunned, they were simply amazing and it was clear that Joe was an exceptionally talented fletcher. The finish was fantastic and the cresting unlike anything I had seen then or since, they were flawless. Of course the real measure of an arrow is in the shooting so the at the weekend I tried them out, again I was very impressed as they were all dead straight. When I had the chance to put them on a grain scale and spine tester they were matched within very small margins, the sort of margin you would normally pay extra for. 

Within a week I had ordered another 2 dozen, this time however they were made to my exact requirements, nothing was ever a problem for Joe and they turned out perfectly. That was 3 years ago and since then I have literally lost count of the number of arrows Joe has made for me, it must be up in the high hundreds now, every single one of them has been of the highest standard, both in terms of build quality but also effectiveness as an arrow. I have had the opportunity to see and shoot a number of custom arrows, in general costing more than Joe ever charges for his and they have never come close to matching them.

The most amazing thing is Joe does this in his spare time, I am forever indebted to Joe for the fantastic arrows I shoot.  

Joe Lorenzen Arrows

Features & Design
One word, awesome.
Given it's just an arrow what can you say, well top marks because they are exceptional shooting arrows, straight as any wood I have ever used.
Value for Money

You pay a slight premium for the quality but it's nothing like what you pay elsewhere. Made worse by the poor dollar to pound ratio but that's not the arrows fault.

All I can say is that I don't buy any other arrows and I'm more than happy to pay a tiny bit more than I would for bog standard arrows from the shop, because they are so much better. 


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  • Posted by: Mike Hogan on Nov 10, 21:28

    How would I reach Mr. Lorenzen to discuss making me some custom arrows?

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Nov 11, 09:34

    Hey Mike,
    I chatted to Joe about giving his details out and he is cool with this so… he has a photo bucket a/c here – take a peek at the arrows
    You can mail him here..

    Please mention Archers-Review when you contact him.


  • Posted by: Don Erickson on Jan 11, 06:19

    saw your arrows on Archers-Review and was really impressed. I am a shooter rep for White wolf Custom bows and have been shooting traditional archery nearly 46 years. I am seeking quality target arrows for target competition . My custom recurve is 68in and 36lbs @ 28in. I shoot a 29 1/2 in arrow so I am shooting 38lbs. I use fastflight string. Currently I am shooting a 5/16 shaft with 100gr field point 35-40 spine/ I need an arrow that can reach longer distances up to 80yrds. I am seeking a sponsorship with a quality arrow maker who will provide arrows to me in exchange for advertising and have the arrows shopt in national competitions. My shoot schedule is going to be a full one this year. Please contact me @ xxx-xxx-xxxx or e-mail. The pic of the pink and white arrows is what i am looking for. thank you. Don erickson

  • Posted by: Andy@archers-review on Jan 11, 09:12


    I have sent the message directly to Joe. I have also removed your phone number as might not be best to place it on a public website as you don’t know who might see it.

  • Posted by: Davilson Oscar Cruz on Apr 4, 00:44

    suas flechas sao muito bonitas,e bem diferentes das demais,inclusive o empenamento,gosto muito de arco e flecha pena que aqui no Brasil este esporte seja muito pouco praticado,tambem fabricado arco e flecha,porem a qualidade dos seus arcos sao bem superiores por favor poderia me dizer como faço para adquirir um modelo deste arco e flechas.muito obrigado e parabens

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Apr 4, 11:35

    Obrigado pelos seus comentários, sei Joe seria satisfeito. Tenho alguns pormenores e enviado de onde você poderá encontrar as informações relativas aos arcos e Joes mail, I don\‘t saber de qualquer retalhistas no Brasil mas tentar os contactos dirijo e tenho a certeza encontrará um.

  • Posted by: Padma Karma on Mar 10, 21:29

    Hello Andy,
    thanks for the review of Joe Lorenzen’s arrows could you please pass on his email address and phone number. Thanks

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