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Although this item no longer appears to be available you still may find one on the second hand market, it will be worth it if you do as there few real budget models of spine tester on the market ( the soon to be launched spineXL reviewed elsewhere on this site is eagerly anticipated).

A simple device made from basic materials the tester has a scale which is accurate when tested again other meters and using known shafts. Despite the rudimentary design and the use of "make do" parts this meter is easy to use, quick to set up and accurate. The adjustment to either raise or lower the shaft in order to set the scale to zero is a little bit fiddly and performed by the use of a rest held in place by a wing nut, you must get the rest slid in to place and then tighten the wing nut, not so bad if testing a few shafts but wearisome if batch testing.

The one weak point was that the scale itself was mounted on thin board, without proper support it is easily bent and bends even under it's own weight. This was easily remedied but the addition of a piece of wood screwed to the scale itself.

An essential part of any arrow makers kit even the hobby fletcher can ill afford to be without a tool which measures spine, if you see one of these going on the second hand market make an offer and grab it.

Richard Head Spine Tester

Features & Design half a review mark
The makers of this were obviously looking to produce a good cheap spine meter, it's basic but functional, but no awards for style and design.
Despite the lack of styl, the scale is accurate, in fact as long as any spine meter is consistent with itself it will pform the job of gauging one shaft against another, without a spine tester I would be lost.
Value for Money half a review mark
Worth £50 of anyones' money if you can find one.
Overall half a review mark
If you can't find one cheap wait for the SpineXL tester.


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    i have found the reviews very helpfull

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