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I have been using these for years, the company has now been taken over by Wapiti archery and instead of just shafts being available you can now buy them as ready made arrows too.

These are no ordinary shaft, I could say they were for the connoisseur of fine archery shafts or I could say they were for folk who get a little precious and nerdy about their shafts, either way there is no argument in my mind that these are some of the best shafts available to archers.

Not just poc, but tapered poc and not just tapered poc but machine tapered poc, as if that were not good enough the shafts then are hand spined within a 5# range, that's great but those with high standards will want more.... and you will get it too.... the shafts are then hand straightened and then weighed and grouped with 10 grains. This isn't some advertising gimmick either these shafts really are what they say they are and each shaft comes with it's weight and spine written on it.  Part of the tapering process means that the nock is already tapered too. The taper is 9" at the rear.

Shafts are available in 5/16" up to 23/64" - sure they are expensive but if you wanted to do this yourself as in fact I used to, you will spend hours if not days weighing and spining arrows and indeed to get tight groups like this you would need access to a huge quantity of shafts-  after you had done all that you would have to find a way to taper them, these shafts don't look quite so expensive now do they ?

Finally when you get your shafts you will notice that they are burnished as smooth as a slippery silky smooth thing - treat yourself you won't regret it.


Rogue River Shafts


Features & Design
There is a huge amount of work involved in producing these shafts, made by folks who care about arrows for other folks who appreciate good shafting.
If I were to make a fantasy list of what a good shaft should be then this would be it.
Value for Money
Yes you can buy cheaper but can you buy better ?
When it comes to arrows and shafts I am fussy, I can find no fault with these shafts.


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