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Widely available and for good reason, the most popular arrow wood, the combination of lightness and strength means that this is the option many archers choose and are available in all diameters, the lightness means that for many archers who shoot with 40-50# bows they can use an 11/32" shaft or a 5/16" shaft depending on whether they put strength or weight as their main priority.

For UK archers a long shipping journey and the possibility that they may have been stored for some time and be less than totally fresh sometimes means an issue with straightness, happily they are easy to straighten

Consistancy in quality, spine and weight means that many archers swear by them and won't use anything else, I have many good sets made from Rose City poc but they are not the final word in arrow shafts and to limit yourself to one type would be a mistake, there are more shaft manufacturers out there and depending on what you want the arrow to do it could be that another might suit better.

Rose City POC

Features & Design half a review mark
Not for nothing the most popular arrow shaft
Performance half a review mark
A well matched set of poc is hard to beat
Value for Money half a review mark
A shaft that makes a good arrow is always worth the price.
Overall half a review mark
Of course they are great shafts that's why everyone loves them.


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