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Those who have read the Arrow Fix tool review will have noticed the myriad functions the manufacturers managed to pack into this little tool in addition to it’s primary job of preparing a cone and taper joint to fix broken arrows.
It has another little trick up it’s sleeve which adds the feature of being able to prepare a shaft to accept the T Tip point.

The idea behind the T Tip is that rather than fit over the shaft or fit on to the shaft by the use of a taper it actually affix’s by the use of a tang which will be inserted “up” the shaft.

Arrow Fix T Tips-

In order for this to be effective a hole needs to be bored up the shaft the exact length of the tang, something the accurate and fine tolerances of the Arrow fix Tool was designed to do. The hole is made by the special boring drill bit. This drill bit is put into the tool in place of the cone drill.
Next the adapter size is chosen for the size of shaft which will be pointed. Using the same technique as used when preparing the shaft to be repaired the shaft is fed in to the tool. So accurate is the tooling that the hole will be perfectly central and drilled to the required depth
Arrow Fix T Tips-

There are a choice of 3 materials for the points, Stainless Steel, Black Steel and Brass. Weights available are 100 & 125 grain. The points are suitable for 23/32", 11/32” and 5/16” shafts, the same socket sizes are used as when using the tool to repair arrows – more on that later. Due to the different weights of the materials the design for the Steel and brass points has had to be altered. To maintain the point shape and profile of both materials the tang length is slightly different. This means the hole to accept the tang must be different lengths in order for the point to be supported both at the tang and at the flat surface of the point which abuts the shaft.
Arrow Fix T Tips-

A selection of little washers are available which fits on the drill and will alter the length at which the drill will stop drilling to ensure that the hole is the correct length for each material.
Once the hole is drilled the point is ready to glue in using 2 part epoxy, all you have to do now is make sure that the point is pushed all the way down and that it fits flush with the end of the shaft. Before drilling the hole it will pay you to be sure that the end is flat and true and if you have shortened the shaft by cutting you must make sure the end is flat.
The idea of a point with a tang will probably worry you, as it did me. Can a tanged point be as strong as fit over one. The only way to find out is to shoot the resultant arrows. First we tested the points on bosses and 3 D’s. They worked exactly as you would expect them to, they penetrated well and withdrew with no more effort than any other – it’s worth mentioning here that the 11/32” shafts fitted flush with the point whereas the 5/16” was a tad smaller than the point – I worried that this might be an issue but it protrudes no more than many other “fit over” style points and in the event did not make any difference when withdrawing from the target – despite using a very hard straw boss no points came off the arrow ( which is a pet hate of mine).
However, the test I wanted to do was the test for strength when missing the target. Striking the ground proved to not be an issue and we moved on to trees, to be fair I have found that when an arrow hits a tree square on there is a fair chance the arrow could be damaged regardless of whether the point is fit over or taper fit –the taper fit in particular can be prone to being shocked back onto the shaft. Despite shooting lots of arrows into trees at all angles and indeed testing to destruction a couple I couldn’t say that this style of point was any more or less prone to being damaged, it all depends on the angle which it strikes the tree. I also shot several in to stones and rocks and once again many survived but no more or less than any other style of point – the only thing I can say with certainty is that shooting at trees and rocks is not a good idea with wooden arrows regardless of the style of point you use.
Even these results surprised me as I had expected that a point of this sort might be weaker because of the tang, however a metal tang glued up through the shaft at what we all know to be the weakest part of the shaft, that is, just behind the point, may in fact add strength. Our tests were pretty unscientific and more real world but certainly these offered at least as much strength as any other point.
Arrow Fix T Tips-

In terms of pointyness – they are pointy, as you can see from the photos the angles are quite acute and sharper than a standard field point and the whole point profile is much slimmer which will no doubt help archers with lower poundage bows with “bouncers” and Longbows archers who shoot target on hard straw bosses. Penetration will be improved regardless of whether you shoot 3 D’s or target
The finish of the arrow is very nice as there is no taper to protrude from under a point and the interface between the point and the shaft is clean and straight providing you have cut it so.
If you have already purchased the Arrow Fix Tool this useful addition to it's functions will cost just Euro 13.20 ( the price of the drill bit) and Tips are priced between Euro .85 - .95 each. There are several kit packages available from Euro 88 to Euro 119.90 - the top package will allow you access to all the Arrow Fix functions and accessories.

Features & Design
Once again the manufacturers have produced an excellently engineered product tailored to suit a particular purpose, the points are made from quality material which is durable and looks good. Using the arrow Fix Tool to produce the hole makes these easy to fit.
They perform exactly as they are designed to. The tang may actually improve shaft strength and the points are “sharp” enough to eliminate bouncers as much as possible, the slimmer profile aids penetration.
Value for Money
As an additional component for the Arrow Fix Tool the drill is a small investment, the points themselves are priced similarly to other quality products and offer great value.
Overall this is a departure from the usual point and point application systems, the Arrow Fix tool offers an all in one solution for several problems that plague archers. So often archers are forced to make do with products which were designed on a budget – this tool offers archers a system that is easy to use, well engineered and the designers have not compromised on quality.


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Reviewed By Steve
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  • Posted by: G. Dallaire on Sep 6, 21:44

    Regarding the T TIPS is the manufacturer will make a system to accept broadhead for hunting?

  • Posted by: Tara J Herberger on Sep 7, 16:24

    I love my Arrow-Fix!

  • Posted by: Helmut on Sep 8, 06:27

    Actually we are working on an adaptor to be able to mount broadheads to the T-Tips. We will publish it on the arrow-fix.com website when it is available.

  • Posted by: Helmut on Aug 11, 21:33

    The t-Tips you can put glue-on broadheads on are available now

  • Posted by: Pete on Sep 6, 22:59

    I am very interested in this tool as well. I would like to find tanged hunting broadheads and tanged medieval warheads that would make make this tool shine!

  • Posted by: Gerald Barcalow on Sep 9, 15:55

    I received my electric drill holder in the mail with no instructions on how to use it.
    Also, do I need to remove the finish on my arrows to use it?

  • Posted by: N.J.Woodcock on Dec 7, 19:36

    Can the Arrow-fix tools be purchased in the U.K? If so, can you provide details.

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Dec 7, 20:10

    Hi N…

    I don’t know if it is stocked in the UK however if you click the arrow-fix link and go to the website it is easy to order… single market and all that.. might as well be in the UK..

  • Posted by: Helmut on Dec 8, 04:22

    Sorry, by now there is no Arrow-Fix dealer in he UK. Just send an email, we ship anywhere.

  • Posted by: roberto ricciuti on Nov 9, 07:04

    Spett/le Società perchè le punte T-Tip non sono prodotte per le aste 5/16” con pesi di 60gn/ 70gn /80gn?Un grande numero di Arcieri tira le aste da 5/16”. Complimenti per le vostre idee e produzione, saluti cari Roberto.( P.S:Scusate mia scrittura in Italiano)

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