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Reviewed by Steve
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For many an archer the fletching process is a laborious and boring affair, I don't know too many archers that own more than one fletching jig, therefore the majority will be waiting around for a fletch to set so they can move on.

The idea then of being able to fletch all 3 feathers at once has got to be a good one and would appeal to anyone who finds fletching one at a time a real chore.

This jig has no brand name, I can only assume the makers were too embarressed to put their name to it. Quite simply the nastiest poorly thought out jig I have ever been unfortunate enough to encounter - They have taken the brief of "put 3 fletches on at once" as the only consideration without thought to how difficult they would be making things.... this is the result.

Made entirely from polycarbonate with a host of rubber grommets the jig requires the most accurate and lightest of touches. The shaft sits in a central well at an angle of 45° in to a receiver much the same as any other jig, the first fletch is then put into clamp 1 which slides along a guide at the bottom but is equipped with a rubber clip at the top which must be snapped on to the shaft itself. So far so good, fletch number 2 goes in to a similar clamp which again slides along a guide at the bottom to line it up, once again the top must be clamped to the shaft itself. This time however the clamp is a little shorter to allow you to clamp it underneath the first one, this requires a steady hand and the ability to hold the first in place whilst doing it.

The 3rd clamp.... this time you have 2 other clamps in place and must attach the 3rd to the shaft again in a slightly lower position, it is very crowded now and any slight touch to the shaft will cause the other clamps to "jiggle" about and become mis-aligned. Even a slight movement will be enough to move the fletch from it's desired position.

Using the actual shaft to clamp the jigs to is a bad idea, I am very dexterous yet all my attempts have ended is frustration, swearing and a poorly fletched arrow - I don't think we need to further humiliate this jig as it fails in it's primary goal of fletching an arrow well. The price I believe was around £27 which makes this an expensive mistake.



Features & Design

The idea of 3 fletches at once is good, the design is poor


Fiddly, not very secure, although it will fletch arrows against almost any other jig this looks stupid !

Value for Money

None what so ever


It is possible to fletch arrows with this but unless you have the fingers and touch of an Elf I would steer clear