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The most common shape of feather fletch on sale is the Parabolic next up is shield, if you want something different then you have limited choice, either buy a feather burner or a chopper. There are several choppers on the market all of which take ground full length feathers and this Vario Clipper is no different.

There are upwards of 20 different shapes available as standard and there is an option to create your own custom shapes, tell the suppliers what you want, a sketch will do, and however bizare the shape they will custom make the cutter for you.

Cutters are available in left and right wing versions and in 4" or 5" models.

The chopper itself is quite robust, it has to be because the technology behind it involves a rubber mallet to power it.

Place the feather in the mounting strip, close down the jaws of the cutter and give it a sharp whack, the feather is cut !!

Of course the first time you use it you realise that the mounting strip has been cut along with the base plate, over time these will need replacing, I was surprised how long the mounting strip will actually last as I have cut dozens and dozens of feathers and it is still going strong. Spares are available and quite cheap, mounting strips are around £3 and base plates in the region of £7.

Changing the cutters is simplicity itself, a screw holds it in place, it takes less than a minute to change to a new shape.

Of course the draw back is that each time you want a new shape or size you have to buy another cutter - I have quite a collection now but never seem to have the one I want.

It's a great little tool as now even shield can be hard to get hold of.

The only other option for making your own shapes lies with a scissors or a feather burner.

 How do you shape your feathers ?

Features & Design
OK it's a little primitive, but it does work
The only draw back is that you have only the choice of cutters that you own, but it does get the job done
Value for Money

Not really particular value, there are better ways to spend these ££'s

If you buy the chopper and a couple of cutters you are already in the territory of the feather burner which is a much more versatile tool




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  • Posted by: John Catley - Little John Arrows on Jan 25, 18:56

    I purchased one of these from the Longbow Shop. They are very easy to use, I would say better than some of the other choppers on the market. Good value

  • Posted by: Charlie Guin on Sep 3, 15:25

    Hay, I’m looking for a place I can get a 4 inch high profile banana chopper…can you help?

  • Posted by: jason on May 24, 08:11

    where to buy the chopper

  • Posted by: jason on May 24, 17:22

    where to buy the feather chopper. please

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on May 24, 17:45

  • Posted by: xin cao on Feb 10, 10:03

    I want to buy the Vario Clipper Feather Chopper from here. how do I pay you and get those? thanks

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