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It sounds a little hypocritical to expound on your love for the English Longbow and yet spend most of your time shooting American Longbows, Flatbows and Hybrid bows, I often think of the days when I would have not dreamed of shooting anything that wasn't just pure wood and six feet long, back then I spent a huge amount of time shooting Target and the rest shooting Field. Scarcely a day would pass that I didn't shoot my bow, I say bow but in fact over the years I built a collection of almost 30 English Longbows, I did however have a couple of favourites, fast and sweet to draw with little shock.

I am booked in to a shoot this coming weekend, I shoot a lot less now in competitions than I used to so the days I do manage to get away are precious and I look forward to them, I am considering doing something I haven't done in a long long time. Namely changing the class I am booked under in order to shoot a bow which has just come in to my hands, a Longbow.

Above all bows English longbows have a character all their own, some will be sluggish some will be aggressive, others will have a sweet nature yet fail to cast an arrow with sufficient force, occassionally I come across a bow with the willingness to bend smoothly, the power to hurl an arrow so fast that the string cuts the air like the swish of a Katana upon loosing and the sweetness of shot that causes hardly any handshock - something an English Longbow will rarely do.

Over the last week I have been shooting a Longbow with all those qualities and a few more that have set me thinking about taking up the bent stick once more.

Ipe and Lemonwood backed with bamboo, I have shot a few bamboo backed bows and they have all been fast. The bamboo backed bow has been around for some while, when I last shot Longbows in earnest they were just coming in to what I figured would be a fashion or fad, but they are still here and bowyers , it seems, have taken to it as a bow wood -( yes, I know it is a grass, but for the purposes of this review we will call it a wood). From the bows I have shot it does seem to add cast.

Aidy Hayes longbow

When I first took this bow from the tube it was sent in I doubted very much that it would draw the weight it had written on it, 52# from such a slender bow hardly seemed likely. The instant I drew it I knew I was wrong, smooth, no stacking and no roughness to the draw whatsoever, all the way to my full draw and still the power built cleanly.

I needed to shoot this bow right now, in my workshop I have dozens of arrows, actually I have dozens of dozens of arrows, in particular several sets of identical length all made for just me at my draw but all slightly different in spine and weight, this way I don't have to shoot the wrong arrow and with so many sets available I can shoot the perfect arrow for any given bow.

With Modern bows it is not too difficult to select the correct arrow, the glass backing or the Carbon strip will be pretty consistent and Stu Millers spine calculator will get you just about there.

With English Longbows however choosing the right arrow is still a black art, folks will tell you to knock off 10#'s from the draw weight, multiply by Pi and divide by the square root of strawberry jam. In fact there are a million alleged convoluted ways to arrive at a spine for a longbow which will probably be wrong anyway, the truth is that with longbows each bow is so unlike the next, from it's length, it's wood combination, it's cast and ultimately it's width... it is here where this bow differs from almost every other Longbow I have shot, it is so slim at the handle and tapers so gracefully that you can't help but treat it as if it were a fragile work of art, we will come back to that in a minute but for the moment we need to find an arrow that will shoot from this bow.

With the vast majority of longbows being quite thick in the handle an arrow has to work quite hard to find it's way around it and then straight on which is why folks have to choose a spine of arrow that is a lot less than the given draw weight, all that snaking around the bow costs quite a bit of energy, energy that instead of sending an arrow straight to it's target is absorbed in paradox, After it has done all this snaking about we expect it to settle down and "go find the target" any miscalculation of the required spine will be magnified when dealing with lighter spines- I have no idea how much energy is lost this way and what it might mean in terms of performance in say, fps. But the thickness of the handle the major contributor to having to use a weak spine. Finding the right spine when the arrow has to do so much work is tricky and is why most Longbow shooters don't hit the same scores in either target or field as other styles of bow, it's because most are using the wrong spine arrows. I say most because there are some and these are the guys at the top, in fact these are the guys who shoot the same or similar scores as modern flatbows and recurves, I won't embarrass them by naming them but we all know who they are - I must of course hasten to add that it isn't JUST because they are shooting superbly tuned arrows, of course they have great skill, but that skill has been allowed to develop through the use of correct arrows..

An English Longbow could never be cut past centre, quite obviously the design just doesn't allow it, but the closer you can get to centre, the easier it will be to tune, the easier it will be to find an acceptable spine of arrow and the greater the window or margin for error that will still deliver a good shot.

The slimness of this handle is starting to make me feel very excited indeed at just an inch wide at the arrow pass. I choose several spines that could go close - my test sets of arrows are spined at +/- 1# so I have a 3# window with each set.

The speed is staggering, that may have nothing to do with the slimness of the handle, but it is in the choice of woods, in the tiller and in the craft of the bow, it's the secret ingredient that separates a gifted bowyer from the guy that knocks out bows in his garden shed. This bow is bestowed with almost magical properties, I am loath to say it is the fastest # for # longbow I have ever shot, but that's what it feels like- the arrows are hitting where I look, there is no shock ( at least very little and for an English longbow that equals none), the bow shoots each spine test set with little deviation although I detect that one set are shooting particularly well. When testing for shootability I shoot at several target pins, spaced out from each other in case I should take a nock off one of my precious test arrows. I don't shoot from far initially just 15 yards. The short range just isn't enough so I take some time at a target at longer range and then out to the woods for some 3D's.....

The bow is like treacle to shoot, soft yet incredibly strong, tight but forgiving, smooth but at the same time it has an edge of hardness, lets get to the chrono...

445gn       8.90gn/#       169fps
500gn      10.00gn/#      158fps
530gn      10.60gn/#      153 fps
565gn      11.30gn/#      148fps

If the figures mean nothing to you then just trust me, for an English Longbow she is super fast, I don't have to chrono every other longbow I own to know this one out performs them all.

It's all in the shooting of course and with this bow the shooting is sublime, the fact that it is super fast is a bonus, the fact that she is easy to tune is a bonus, the fact that she looks divine is also a bonus, this is a bow that just keeps giving. Something you don't always see with a multi laminate bow are tapered center laminations, some of the best bows I have ever shot have had the center lam tapered - it is no surprise to find that Aidy had done this with this bow, it is an indication of the attention to detail and the measure of understanding of exactly what he is trying to achieve and the knowledge to attain that goal.

Aidy Hayes

But here is the thing that will blow you away.... this bow is just £300.

Having spoken at length to Aidy, I know that he knows his bows are awesome, how could he not, he holds a couple of National records himself and others using his bows are breaking records all over the place. Once the whispers turn in to shouts and his name is widely known you won't be able to buy one of these for £300... if these bows were twice that they would still be worth every penny - back in the day when I was shooting longbows exclusively I bought those 30 bows in the hope of finding this one. I may have found it late but there is a little voice in my head telling me to switch to Longbow for next weeks shoot, if I can, I know I will be treated to a feeling I haven't felt since I first discovered archery.

Features & Design
I have made bows myself, in fact I have poured hundreds of hours in to making a bow and only achieved "acceptable" results. I don't know what Aidy does to his bows, I don't know how he works out the combination and thickness of of each wood lamination or how he gets them so slim - suffice to say they are beautiful and they deliver in every way. It is almost perverse to offer a suggestion to what is already as perfect a bow as I have ever come across, but, if you are ordering one it might be worth asking for an arrow pass, it would be a shame to mar the finish by not having one.
Yeah.... like you wouldn't believe.........
Value for Money
The price is laughable, there is no way these bows will be this price for long, they are worth much more yet Aidy is keeping the price down - for the moment. It's a clever little bit of marketing and will make the bows very attractive, but don't be fooled, Adrian Hayes' Longbows are NOT competing on price - he doesn't need to, the bow will do the talking, so value ? oh yes siree bob !!
If you are thinking about a Longbow, add this to the list, if you are not thinking about a Longbow then add this to the list, if you have £300 nocking about grab one before the price gets real.., if you haven't got £300 .... borrow it...

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  • Posted by: Sam on Aug 26, 11:26

    Damn you! I had already decided I was going to buy a BowTech SWAT – now I’ve seen the Lemon-wood, purple heart and bamboo bow on Aidy’s site and I’m now soooo tempted! Great write-up!

    Sam x

  • Posted by: Jason on Sep 1, 15:22

    Had a chance to shoot with Aidy at the weekend (yes he won… again! lol) and was lucky enough to get my hands on one of his bows. I can hand on heart say that they are THE most beautiful pieces of craftsmanship I’ve ever seen (especially the snakewood one… slobber). I was saving up for a new bass but having seen those bows I think I’ll have to start over and add this little cracker to the collection!

  • Posted by: paul on Sep 4, 23:20

    I have just started to really get in to longbow shooting and shot a few times with a basic bow, after talking to the lads at arrdvarks and others, I got myself a bow Hick, purpleheart and Ipe,, 58@28,,
    great bow, slender fast and looks great. just need to get arrows to match now :)

  • Posted by: Steve Gamble on Oct 30, 22:55

    I’ve been shooting longbow for about 7 years, all GNAS target, just got to MB this year. I’ve had 3 Bickerstaffes but never been pile on gold at 100 yards, which I see as being important for the next step. Thinking about an Ady Hayes bow similar to the one you reviewed; did that give you pile on at 100y? If so, with what design of arrow (shaft and fletching size, pile weight)?

  • Posted by: Neil Smith on Nov 19, 15:01

    I took delivery a couple of weeks ago and after a short matching session for my arrows (only had to change the weight of the piles thankfully!), I shot the bow ‘in anger’ last weekend. I have to say that the bow (50# @ 28) has brought a smile to my face, and once I got used to it I never felt like I was going to miss. Also this IS a fast bow, quicker than my old 45# @ 28 horse bow, and VERY stable. Thanks Aidy, great bow.

  • Posted by: Chris Dyal on Dec 15, 12:17

    Collected my bow from Aidy some weeks ago but with all the bad weather not had much chance to try it out. I wanted a lightweight bow for target shooting to suit my ageing joints so went for a 40lb bamboo/lemonwood/ipe. Still early days but I liked it from the first few arrows, the performance is amazing, really fast, feels good and looks good too. I’ve made a few bows myself over the years but none come close to this for performance. A really nice piece of work Aidy and great value, thanks.

  • Posted by: Wendy on Jan 2, 18:26

    Got my Aidy Hayes bow at the beginning of Dec but like Chris above, the bad weather has stopped me shooting it. Finally managed to get it out today for a friendly at Fleet. Really pleased with it. I’m a die hard HT girl – I love my ACS but I really enjoyed shooting with this and could’t believe that I hit 2/3rds of the targets and they weren’t easy. It’s a beautiful piece of kit and I can’t wait to shoot it again. Need to get some better matched arrows though – might hit a few more if I did that.

  • Posted by: Simon Bargery on Jan 5, 18:16

    My Hayes longbow arrived just before Christmas and because of the cold weather, I was a little nervous about shooting it. I needn’t of worried; the bow performed superbly from the first arrow.
    I have a 50lb bow and it pulls like a 30. Very smooth and consistent. My instinctive shooting felt a lot more natural and I never felt the need to check the pile point of aim.
    I’ve been shooting up to 80 yards so far.
    I have to say I am very happy with the bow, many thanks Adrian!

  • Posted by: Keith Riley on Mar 13, 22:47

    Bought one of Adrians bows a couple of months ago and I can honestly say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in years.
    My scores have gone way up and I think that it’s because the bow is so smooth. Looking forward to my next purchase, now where shall I get that from? No contest. So all of you out there, ready for a new bow look no further that one of Adrian’s, you’ll not regret it.

  • Posted by: Ruth Carty on Apr 15, 11:03

    My Hayes longbow arrived on Monday, I took it to the Club on Wednesday to try it and then shot at an ILAA longbow event at Leeds Castle on the Saturday. The bow is beautiful and shoots so smoothly- I had no qualms about aiming into the sky for longer distances than I had ever shot in my life! I even scored in the night shoot. My target scores have also gone up. If you’re buying a longbow, talk to Adrian; you’ll get all the help you need AND a fantastic bow. Saving for the next one already!

  • Posted by: Badger on Apr 29, 18:23

    I took delivery of a yew self bow from Adrian just over a month ago and have been very impressed both with the bow, and Adrian’s quality of service.

    I actually ordered the bow almost 6 month ago following an exchange of emails with Adrian where he provided some excellent advice to me. I was moving up from a relatively inexpensive beginner’s bow and wanted a traditional self yew longbow. Adrian made some suggestions as to draw weight and size, handle materials and after a few email exchanges we settled on a design and price. A few months passed and Adrian was back in touch to tell me the bow was ready, but that he was not entirely happy with it – it wasn’t shooting as smoothly or as powerfully as he felt it should. He suggested that I should wait a little longer and allow him to make a second bow for me. As the yew had been doing its bit for a few hundred years, I was happy to wait a month or two longer.

    A few more months passed and Adrian was back in touch: the new bow was ready and this time he was happy with the result. I drove over to collect it and was mightily impressed. The bow was exactly as I had specified in terms of length and pull, but there aren’t really words to describe the quality of workmanship that had gone into the bow. The yew gleamed through its layers of protective lacquer or oil or wax (Adrian keeps a few secrets !) and shaping followed the grain superbly. Whilst I was at Adrian’s house, I was able to see a few of the other bows he was working on – a self osage bow and a handful of laminated bows. They too looked magnificent.

    So much for looks – how does the bow shoot ? In a word, SUPERBLY !

    The arrows I’m shooting are a mixture of heavyweight, iron long bodkins, steel headed plate-cutters and steel swallowtails, all self -nocked birch with mediaeval fletching. The leave the bow cleanly and follow a beautiful arc out to around 150 yards (swallowtails) to 170 yards (bodkins). The bow, despite being more powerful than my starter bow, seems easier to draw and I can just about hold it fully drawn for a second or so to make a final aim. Release is very smooth, no hint of a twang and so far, no string sting either !

    Final thoughts: Was it cheap ? No, clearly not at £450, but in terms of value for money it was worth every penny and then some ! It’s a truly excellent bow, hand made by a great bowyer, that outperforms colleagues’ bows that I know cost very much more. What more can one ask for?

  • Posted by: Dave Thomas on Jun 3, 18:20

    I met Aidy at a Clout shoot this Spring, ordered a bow for Clout shooting, Today I took possession and I am so pleased with the workmanship. It looks the “Dogs B…..s “ cant wait to try it out at my chosen dicipline. I am convinced that this is a love affair with an antient art and skill that I never appreciated till I was over 60 yrs old. As a true tike I wanted to spend my hard earned brass in Gods own County. Bonus as well is that Aidy has lots of advice for the novice or experienced user. I am Glad I chose him.

  • Posted by: Michael Owen on Jun 5, 11:37

    I have just spent a couple of hours shooting in my new bow from Aidy, a 53lb Bamboo, Lemonwood and Ipe laminate bow. Not only does it look great it shoots great as well, full compass, no stacking, smooth, the weight gradually building up to full power and on release, instant transfer of power to the arrow. This bow is fast and has a nice flat trajectory, all in all everything a bow should be.Before long, I believe everyone who shoots Longbows will have heard of Adrian Hayes and his bows, they are something special. Thanks Aidy.

  • Posted by: Igor Koubarev on Jun 20, 17:12

    Hi, in real I am shooting with second Adrian’s bow and I am definitely satisfied of his creations.
    Honestly, the first and second bows have the same (literally) snake wood belly.
    Initial bow I got last December and every body around said Wow! The bow was smooth, fast and beautiful. It was a little bit lighter to draw than I ordered (47-48# 28”) but very comfortable for shooting. After three months of indoor shooting, small cracks on bamboo back appeared and Adrian proposed to rebuild the bow. I sent it back and month ago got renewed bow back.
    I have to say – the new bow is a “real machine”!!! It became 57#, very fast, strong cast and same time it looks even slimmer than was before. The bow looks like miracle – elegant, refined and very strong. Arrows flight – swift and straight. Just to hold the bow in hand is real pleasure. I am really happy, finally thank You Adrian.

  • Posted by: Alan Stone on Jun 27, 22:10

    Only re-learning after not shooting for over 30 years so I’m no good on the tekky stuff. But the 50lb deluxe laminate bow Adrian made me about six weeks ago is an exquisite piece of work. And his service and helpful advice is really good too. Thanks very much Adrian – I’d certainly recommend you!

  • Posted by: Ian Diston on Jun 28, 23:59

    I received my bow from Adrian on Wednesday last week and it is a peice of artwork ! So slender and balanced.

    At 57# at 27in the draw is so smooth and the bow so quiet yet fast. It is so easy to use.

    The craftsmanship of the bow is second to none. Thanks Adrian

  • Posted by: Roger Wright on Jul 2, 17:22

    My bow arrived last week appearance more like a work of art than a weapon. Looks far to delicate to deliver the awesome performance you get from it. A work of genius by a master craftsman I hope I can do it justice on the line

  • Posted by: Ian G. Wilson on Jul 5, 16:01

    Acqired a Bamboo/Ipe/Ipe longbow the week before last and can honestly say it’s the best longbow I’ve owned. Beautifully crafted, light in the hand and a joy to shoot. Can highly recommend Adrian Hayes bows without hesitation.

  • Posted by: Ray Newman on Sep 3, 07:19

    I recently purchased a Adrian Hayes longbow and as many have said “it’s a work of art” Our club chairman says “it’s the best looking bow at the club” I am very pleased with the bow, I now know what the term “a fast bow “ means as it shoots direct at most distances. I can honestly recommend Aidy, a great bow maker and a very helpfull gentleman.
    While here, I would also like to recommend the Longbow shop, again very helpfull.

  • Posted by: Peter Barton on Sep 7, 20:58

    Having recently purchased an Aidy Hayes longbow, what can I say it’s absolutely brilliant, it’s a beautifully made bow the craftsmanship is outstanding, very smooth and fast to shoot, without doubt I will certainly be ordering from Aidy again.

  • Posted by: Jim Longman on Sep 18, 05:53

    I bought my Aidy Hayes longbow from the new Longbow Shop in Birkenhead 6-weeks ago. The bow is bamboo/lemonwood/ipe 43lb @ 28”. My previous bow was 46lb but this new one shoots faster and is a lot smoother to draw. The slimness of the bow suits my hand perfectly. The bow helped me gain my Bowman’s classification and my next goal is MB and with this bow it shouldn’t be too long away.
    Thanks Aidy.

  • Posted by: Lewis Wood on Sep 21, 09:29

    Reading all the other reviews still did not prepare me for the beauty and quality of an Aidy Hayes Longbow. Mine is a Bamboo/Ipe/Ipe. 60 lbs @28. I took it out yesterday for a first go at 100yds. Much to my amazement I had four hits for my sighters, something I could only dream of, with my old longbow. I normally shoot recurve, so my Longbow PB for a New National was 64, but first time out with Aidy’s bow, I achieved 126, smashing the club record in the process. This was done with arrows that I know are too stiff for the bow, so a matching set is the next thing on my shopping list. Beauty is one thing, but it’s the end result that matters, and Aidy gets 10 out of 10 for both.

  • Posted by: chas wilson on Sep 30, 12:02

    i received my aidy hayes performance bow 8 days ago 52lbs at 27, and it more than merits the high rating givin in this review,new county record scores on its first outing having had no sleep for the previous 48 hours, absouluty bloody tremendous.

  • Posted by: Mark Corstin on Oct 4, 13:03

    My bow turned up and I tore open the tube peered in and my first thought was adrian had forgotten to put it in . Then I spied the slinky temptress . I looked round to see the amazed look with a hint of scorn on my beloved s face as I ran my hands over its length in a way she hasnt expierienced for a few years .A long bow version of Kate moss , But would it be a super model? It is.

  • Posted by: Murray Princehorn on Oct 8, 07:44

    I collected my 50# high performance laminated longbow (snakewood/osage/ipe/bamboo)in August and have thoroughly enjoyed shooting it for target and clout recently. I was amazed by it’s slimness and beautiful craftmanship. It is reminiscent of the Victorian longbows at Leeds Armoury. The bow is smooth drawing, quiet, fast and powerful. My accuracy has improved using this stunning bow. Adrian is helpful and professional. One final note, this bowyer is a fine craftsman so please be patient and give him adequate time to make your bow.

  • Posted by: Greg Tunesi on Oct 16, 16:12

    I purchased my 50 pound longbow from Adrian this Summer, it is my first bow and I use it exclusively for clout at 180 yards. I am absolutely delighted with the range (200 yards plus), feel and look of the bow which is admired by my fellow archers.

  • Posted by: John Mills on Oct 20, 18:24

    I ordered a bow from Aidy after reading this review and wanting to try longbow. (43lbs @ 28”)I had no intention of focussing on it as I was happy enough with my one piece recurve. So it was the end of the outdoor season before it got used. Now we are indoors and it has become my preferred bow! Smooth, both in draw and release, consistent and sweet to shoot. I love it. I will be ordering a heavier draw weight one for the next outdoor season. Beautifully made too.

  • Posted by: Julia Morrison on Nov 16, 11:33

    I ordered a long bow from Aidy it was made to my requirements,each time I have used it I have been delighted with it.It is a superb work of art,I would certainly recommend Aidy to others.Thank You one very HAPPY customer.

  • Posted by: eric andrew on Dec 17, 15:09

    Gill and I went to the Longbow Shop, I had no intention of buying a bow!! Gill had seen and tried a horse bow but also had tried an Aidy bow of 35lbs draw weight. Thinking this would suit Gill I asked her if she would like to go halves with me, to this she replied no I’m buying the horse bow you can buy me the Long bow. Amazed at the reply, I did. Since buying the Aidy bow my scoring has improved 10 fold and Gill loves her little bow so surprisingly all are happy.

  • Posted by: Martin. E. Powell on Dec 29, 16:15

    Bow arrived just before christmas,58lb@29ins Bamboo,Pau-Amarello,Osage-Orange.
    Great looking and so much power for one so slender.
    Many thanks Adrian for your time and expert advice.

  • Posted by: Shaun Jacobs on Jan 10, 07:14

    I recently ‘converted’ from Recurve to Longbow & having tried a selection at The Longbow Shop (great people & well worth the 400 mile round trip – twice now) purchased a 54lb Aidy Hayes bow. This is my outdoor bow & I was so impressed that I purchased a 40lb bow for indoor use. These bows are just a pleasure to shoot. Slender, nicely balanced & well made. For me, you are not just buying a bow but a whole new archery experience & you need to try it out for yourself to believe it. Sell your granny if you have to but it will be worth it! I have a smile on my face every time I pick up my bow & it turns into a huge grin when I start shooting it. Nice work Aidy, long may it continue.

  • Posted by: Julie Moore on Feb 21, 16:37

    Just before Xmas I met up with a Bowyer called Adrian Hayes . I wanted a new longbow something special , I had seen a couple of his longbows before and was impressed with the workmanship . For me I don’t have the luxury of buying a longbow of the shelf I have only a very short draw length just 24 inches , don’t get me wrong I’m not short on strength . I gave Adrian the brief and specs I wanted a bow as fast as he could make it , but I am a girl (plus a few years)and I like beautiful things so a deal was struck, Then a couple of weeks ago I trundled off to Leeds to collect the new bow ,

    It is one of the most beautiful bows I have seen. Its Tonkin Bamboo, Pau Amarello and Snake Wood , the finish is smooth and beautiful , and on shooting the first few arrows at Aardvark I discovered It had the power to match Its appearance ,Its Fast smooth and sweet to shoot, it’s as if it has always sat in my hand , I just don’t want to put it down it was almost dark before I gave up on Sat .To look at it you wouldn’t guess it’s a 50lb Longbow its elegant with beautiful lines but has the spirit and power of a demon.

    Adrian Thank You

    You make an Awesome Longbow.

  • Posted by: Sarah Davnall on Mar 31, 12:46

    Bought a bow from Adrian before Christmas: bamboo, pau amarello and ipe, 39lb, now down to 37lb, at 25” draw. Didn’t shoot it much until about a month ago, and am still building up the strength for it. (Previous bow was 35lb at 25”, and retired muscles do not develop quickly.) My experience. however, already confirms that of previous reviewers. This bow is smooth and sweet to shoot, and wonderfully forgiving of a variable release. (I’m working on it, Aidie!) The power is amazing: when I get the shot right, at 80yds my arrow-point aim has moved from the top of the flag to below the target legs – quite a difference. So I’m already getting superb performance from the bow even though I do not yet have it properly under control. With more practice, I’m expecting magnificent results. (I’ll be along to see you otherwise, Aidie.) Meanwhile, this is a lovely bow from an excellent bowyer whom I am happily recommending to fellow-archers. Many thanks, Aidie.

  • Posted by: Helen on Apr 16, 06:55

    I didn’t want to jinx myself by reviewing too early but the snakewood bow made by Aidy that arrived just before Christmas 2011 has proved to be a stunner. Not only is it a head-turner (everyone admires its good looks) but it’s helped me win or get me places at every competition I’ve attended since delivery. Aidy you’re a top man and I’m tempted to buy another one!

  • Posted by: Bernie Stafford on Jul 25, 20:24

    Recently bought one of Ade’s bows – bamboo, pau amarello and ipe, 45lbs @ 28”.

    The bow looks superb & has attracted many favourable comments at my (very traditional) Field Archery club.

    More importantly however is how it performs, & this is equally impressive – light in the hand with a very sweet action, yet casts a very fast arrow with no discernible hand shock.

    To say that I am delighted with this bow would be an understatement – it is superb in all respects.

    Many thanks Ade – long may you continue!!!

  • Posted by: Jane Hunt on Sep 17, 21:14

    Whilst looking for a longbow for competitive field archery I came across this review for Adrian Hayes bows and read the comments with interest.

    Sure that so many people could not be wrong I contacted Adrian and ordered a 40# bamboo, pau amarello and ipe bow. It came last Friday and I took it out over the weekend to try it out.

    To my delight, every word I had read about the quality of Adrian’s bows was true. Incredibly slender, the bow is light in the hand, very smooth to draw, fast and sweet shooting. It is a pleasure to shoot with and as an added bonus it is also a very elegant bow to look at.

    Thanks Adrian, from yet another happy customer!

  • Posted by: Lynn Gunter on Sep 28, 18:25

    I’ve just received my new longbow from Adrian.

    The moment I picked it up, it felt right. It fitted my hand perfectly. It was sweet to pull with no discernable stacking.

    More importantly it got me to 80 yards – just as Adrian promised me it would.

    This is my third longbow and by far the best. Thank you Adrian, I now have a chance of achieving my archery dreams.

  • Posted by: Robert Kirkwood on Jan 13, 17:59

    I have been shooting my bow approx 15 months now and have given it a lot of work and as a result it has dropped around 8lb and the limbs have lost there reflex etc so it’s now been retired to an indoor bow. I’m not slating the bowyer as it has been a good bow that i have won loads of good comps with, but at close to £400 i would have liked it to have lasted a bit longer.

  • Posted by: Olly Holbrook on May 29, 21:28

    Works of Art but
    Art that Works

  • Posted by: Karen Hunt on Jul 25, 14:14

    I recently purchased a longbow from Adrian Hayes and I am so impressed. It is so smooth and sweet to draw and I am so pleased with it. It is everything Adrian promised and more. Thankyou

  • Name