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I am a tidy workman by nature and as a rule my workshop is an ordered place, however, the clue is in the name... it's a workshop and a most often a hive of industry. My wife is strictly forbidden to "tidy" up, for her everything  should have a box to live in and then that box should be put somewhere "safe". She doesn't get the concept of "I will need that soon, so it can stop here". I have several such points around the workshop, especially on my main bench where most tasks are performed.

Sometimes it's just a loose collection of disparate tools that somehow belong together or in the case of my bench it's a tuppaware box with odds and sods in.

The point is that I know exactly what's in the box, some allen keys, a few pencils, a pen, a selection of points for testing tapers, super glue, fletching glue, 2 part epoxy, a string tool, the winder accessory for my serving tool, a marker pen and some string wax, you see ? I know where these things are and for me they all go together as they are items which I use all the time.

The problem arises when I am in the middle of a job and need one of the things, with one hand I scabble about trying to find it.

Here Beiter offer something a little more sophisticated than a tub and with several more features that will come in useful. It is the Workstation 100, it has been designed to hold all those useful bits that you use all the time but in an easy to find format. Firstly there are 6 tubes these take my pencils, pens, string and winder tools, the allen keys and a little bit of stick I use to poke things with... for the bulkier gadgets and devices there is a central well. this takes my glues and string wax etc

So far so good, the tubes themselves are of equal length and for longer items may be a little short so this issue is addressed by the inclusion of 2 tube extensions, they can be use in any of the tubes and increase the height to accept a longer object.

The points I like to keep handy are shorter than the actual tubes, this could create an issue getting them out, once again some clever German engineer has thought of this and as an accessory they have added 15 little bushings which can be use to combination to shorten the tubes to a desired depth, thus solving my short points problem..

workstation 100

In between each of the tubes is a clip, designed to hold almost any sized shafts, it fits carbon arrows, aluminium arrows and even my 11/32" shafts. This is designed so that when you are glueing fletches or installing points you have somewhere to put the arrows which will keep them all together and out of the way, simply put the point in the locator hole underneath the clip and slot the shaft in to place. They have even numbered the clips so you will know which was the first one in so that you may work on them in order.

workstation 100

You may think that this is a gimmicky product but I will be willing to bet that you have a little odds and sods box or tray that could do with being a little more organised, if that's the case then this will sit quite happily in that role..

Features & Design

Someone obviously got as irritated as I did with having a bunch of tools that are used often just thrown together so decided to create this workstation to solve that problem,the cl;ips are a nice touch.

form should follow function and this performs it's function whilst being tidy and taking up only a small space.
Value for Money
It's £18
Fulfills a useful role on the worktop.


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