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Reviewed By Steve

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This is not an ACS 2pc but a standard ( if there is such a thing) O L Adcock 2pc Longbow - sporting a Cocobolo riser with Black Botuff and Cocobolo overlays it has 4 laminations of Tonkin Cane under clear glass, the shelf is pretty skinny and the bow feels very nice in the hand. It was made in 2001.

It 's marked up as drawing 46#@29" but on my scales it shows 46.3#@28", it is 62"long and of course the grip is a low wrist Longbow grip. There is some reflex/deflex in the limbs and they are mildly trapped - not as much as some I have seen.

Upon setting fingers to the string the power comes instantly... and keeps coming, smooth and even all the way back to full draw, for me that is a tad under 28".

There is no handshock to speak of and I had to keep shooting it with my eyes closed to try to detect how much shock there might be - there is hardly any at all. It shoots beautifully and the arrows zip out much faster than I was expecting, I shot several weight arrows at 28" draw :-

445gn      9.6g/#       164fps
500gn      10.8g/#      158fps
530gn      11.5g/#      151fps
565gn      12.3g/#      146fps
As an addendum to these figures, it was shot with the string that was on it, an old ratty thing that had virtually no twists in it , (I was unable to set it at the correct brace as the string appeared short ) with some Timber Wolf fur silencers, I wouldn't be surprised if this were a very old string, I will re conduct this test next week with a new custom string.

It's all in the shooting and the bow is very pointable and I did feel that it was working with me rather than me having to assert my authority over it, mind you as soon as I took that first shot I knew we would be friends. All the lines are clean and smooth from the shape of the limbs to the widow which is beautifully curved and the nocks which taper sensuously, even the shelf is curved, this is more than just a bow, this is the type of bow that has a personality, this bow has the feel of a "one off" - I like this bow - can you tell ?

That is not the end of the story because this bow is a 2pc take down, lift up the leather handle and you find the join no messing with screws as in the 3pc bows just a simple sleeve joint, if you didn't know that it was a 2pc you would never suspect.

O L Adcock 1pc-46-29

O L Adcock 2pc-46-29
Features & Design half a review mark
No ordinary off the shelf bow this one, from the looking to the shooting this bow screams "Custom", wonderful attention to detail.
Performance in terms of speed is fine and will hold it's own with most Longbows
Value for Money
I don't have a figure for the valuation of a bow like this, as ever something is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay - I would pay a lot for this bow.
Overall half a review mark
A wonderful bow to shoot and that is how it should be judged, speed and looks are fine but thebow must have "shootability" and although this bow has the looks and speed it is in the shooting where it really scores. O L Adcock makes superb bows.


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  • Posted by: Tony on Nov 18, 09:29

    When I first shot this I experienced some hand shock , which I didnt expect and confused me a little. I noticed when I changed my hand positon it went away. From the picture I see you have a low wrist grip with the heel of your hand firmly against the riser. Not how I did it at first and obviously the way to shoot a longbow. The bow is a beauty.

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Nov 18, 19:27

    Hi Tony, it certainly is..the grip is very much longbow, interestingly the grip on the ACS is very much different, not really a pistol grip but more of a swell to it than a straight forward Longbow grip, I wonder where that came from as it doesn’t seem to appear on any of the earlier bows I have seen. I find with the ST and RC risers that you can take a high grip and just use the web of the hand or use a lower grip without any penalty. This actually feels like the Tomahawk to shoot, they are quite similar.

  • Posted by: The xxxxx xxxx xxxx on Oct 5, 23:08

    We are looking for a seal skin rest and so far you are the only place that it has it available. We have a customer that needs one. How much is it and will you sell it to me.


    D M

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