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Reviewed By Andy

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There is something I call the Ferrari syndrome, when you are used to testing the latest model from Ferrari and Porsche, and can find enough fault with either to recommend one over the other, how then do you test a budget level car without finding fault across with the entire thing. You just spent 20 minutes complaining that the Porsche doesn't corner well enough then the Ford Escort is going to be miles worse. That unfortunately is where I find myself with this review, having shot the cream of the crop going back to something like Ragim is very difficult indeed.

The first impression you get with the bow is that it is very light to hold in the hand, the riser is made from African Padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii) which is a nice red colour, the limbs glass on black which gives the bow a more modern look. The limbs are what you might call industrial, wide and thick especially at the limb tips which are built up a fair amount. The arrow shelf is thin, just about enough for a 11/32 width arrow to rest on comfortably.

The draw couldn't be described as smooth and if you are looking for an example of stacking this might well be the bow to use. The bow shoots fine but there is very noticable hand shock, lots in fact and I had a hard time setting a decent bracing height, even the sweet spot still felt harsh. Now as I say this is very much Ferrari syndrome, if you are looking for a cheap entry level bow it's fine but I would imagine that you will grow out of this bow very quickly, that's certainly what I did.

Features & Design
It doesn't look bad, but the finish isn't that great.
To be honest there isn't any, gets a 1 for being able to shoot an arrow.
Value for Money
Does well on this as that's pretty much it's raison d'etre. Only reason it doesn't get full marks is because you will more than likely grow out of it within months.
It's what it is, a cheap entry level bow, nothing more or less than that. It seems harsh giving it such a low score given it doesn't claim to be something it's not but what use would a review site be if everything got top marks.

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Reviewed By Andy
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  • Posted by: Ian G. Wilson on Aug 18, 16:54

    I have a Ragim Impala DL which sounds very similar in behaviour and finish ( riser nice,limbs poorly finished ) to the Wolf. Having said that not bad value for your money,and therefore, something you are not afraid to leave in the boot of the car should an unexpected opportunity arise for pushing a few arrows out.
    Always take this away in the caravan as farmers are always obliging and often interested when it comes to a bit of rough shooting in a fallow/harvested field.

  • Posted by: Laurent on Jan 7, 14:28

    I have a #40 Ragim Brown Bear that’s a budget Bear Grizzly clone. It shoots just as well as my 2013 dual-laminated fascor limbs Fastflite #45 Bear Super Grizzly. Arrows are more important than the bow.

  • Posted by: Kelly White on Sep 2, 02:04

    I own a 30# Wolf Custom (same bow, different wood). I’ve been shooting it for about 6 months now. Here are my impressions. The finish is fine but not spectacular. It weighs next to nothing and is quite comfortable in the hand. The string that shipped with the bow was too long giving it a brace height of 5” causing severe wrist slap. I replaced it with a proper length B-50 Dacron flemish twist. The tips do not accommodate Fast Flight strings. I installed Bear Hair on the arrow rest to great effect. This bow seems to shoot squirrelly arrows. Bare shaft testing full length arrows with spines between 300 and 600, with tips between 85 gr and 225 gr all result in nock left. I have a 29” draw and the bow seems to have acceptable draw characteristics to my anchor point. I don’t notice any undue handshock, vibration, or excessive noise and I have bare string, no silencers.

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