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Reviewed By Steve

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Dating from 1972 this Super Necedah is in superb condition, it was actually in almost mint condition when I first got it some 4 years ago, I couldn't help myself and had to shoot it, a number of friends also shot it one of whom was so taken with it he ended up buying it and shoots it as his main bow.

We are talking about a bow almost 40 years old, surely technology has moved on in both materials and design ?

Upon first look you are struck by the beautiful Zebrawood Riser the Zebawood overlays and the deep lustrous finish but more so by the radical shape produced by this 54" bow even before it is strung, once it has been the form is stunning.

Both the belly and back are of black laminate, the brush rest looks to be original and sits some half inch above the shelf.

On my scales it weighs 49.6#@28" which is a little more than impressive, the draw is smooth with power coming on more progressively the further it is drawn, we are not talking about staking at all it's just that the real power is at the end of the draw.

Being short it is wonderfully pointable and as a field bow makes real sense once you are in the woods. There is some small hand shock in the bow, actually it's more vibration than shock, the string is 12 strand Dacron with a small amount of padding at the loops to 14, despite it's shortness it is not at all twitchy and very stable to hold draw and shoot.

So has design moved on ? I don't think so, this bow is beautiful, the materials are not far removed from those being used today so how does it perform.

Over the chrono this is what I got

445gn        8.90gn/#       174fps
500gn       10.00gn/#      166fps
530gn       10.60gn/#      158fps
565gn       11.30gn/#      153fps
I have used the same standard arrow weights as used in all the bow tests so that comparisons can be made.

All the arrows were shot at 28" draw. The test was conducted with 12 shots with each arrow, the 2 highest and 2 lowest readings were discarded and the rest averaged.

Super Necedah 50%4028

Features & Design
I don't know how they worked this one out -either they decided to build a functional hard shooting short bow that just happened to look great or a beautiful looking bow that just happened to shoot well - either way it does both jobs with style.
I was surprised the first time I shot it and it continues to delight me, although I have weighed it and know it is 50#, it still feels like less which probably makes it feel that it shoots harder than it does.
Value for Money
These can be found from collections in near mint condition for a fraction of the cost of a modern new Recurve, if you hunt about you can probably find one at a price that makes it worth buying just for fun.
A super looking bow which has stood the test of time, perfect in the woods, hide or tree stand.

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  • Posted by: Wim rolff on Sep 22, 19:13

    Very nice bow. It looks good and it shoots great. If you can shoot these little bows it`s a fun bow to shoot in the woods.
    Maybe not for a 3D competition, longer bows are more in favour, but if you learn to shoot with it improves your skills and you will only get better.

  • Posted by: Mike Orick on Sep 22, 17:19

    I bought one way back in 1968 when they first came out! Shakespeare bows were designed and made by Root until Shakespeare bought Root. The grips have a similar feel, and I love the thumb rest, how they feel in the hand. I still have two old Shakespeare Necedahs, a Kaibab and a Root Game Master from 1966. All in like new condition, all still good shooters, as good as any new Bear, Martin, or Samick production bow.

  • Posted by: Charles on Oct 27, 16:38

    My son and I both have Shakspeare 50# Necedahs. They are a pleasure to shoot. We need new arrow rests, new strings, and new wooden arrows for both. Maybe I can find what I’m looking for through some of your links. If you know of a true artisan in the construction of acceccories I will be more than happy to send them a note.

  • Posted by: Arnie on Jun 11, 04:33

    I enjoyed your website. nice Necedah. I bought one off ebay, but I think it needs a different string, as the brace height seems too much at 9 1/2 inches. Any information on what the brace height should be on these bows? Any information you could supply would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posted by: Steve@archers-review on Jun 11, 09:21

    Hello Arnie,

    As I recall the brace on the Necedah was quite high…. I should have noted it for the review..I will update it..
    Anyway I believe we shot it at about 8 ¾”
    Having said that the brace will be different for each archer even with the same bow… Ideally you are looking for the lowest height you can get away with where the bow shoot quietly and straight…. I generally start at about 7 ½” but this is a very short bow and the brace will inevitably be higher, so start at 8” and shoot it, then increase the height by twisting up the string, do this in small increments noting each time how the bow shoots, pretty quickly you will discover a sweet spot which may indeed be at or over 9”
    In any case it is probably best to have a new string made for it ….. you will enjoy the bow, it’s a excellent performer..

    Chat Soon

  • Posted by: Larry Vienneau on Sep 30, 14:55

    Great review!!! I have to mention – you spelled Shakespeare wrong. I am a Shakespeare collector and just started a blog for other like minded collectors:
    I have linked this article in the blog. thanks!!

  • Posted by: Larry Vienneau on Oct 3, 11:19

    Shakespear is now corrected : Shakespeare :)

  • Posted by: Royce Bashaw on Apr 8, 02:38

    I have the X-30 in a 55+, serial # G92028S, 54”
    I was wondering about the age and value, not that I’d ever sell it! My Dad In Law left it to me.
    I need a new string. A Dacron 50” is what I’ve found out to look for. 12 strand is what I noticed you use. Is there anything else I need to know b4 I purchase the string? Thanks…

  • Posted by: Hector Stewart on Sep 18, 16:39

    I found a 45# super necedah x30 on craigslist in my area last year for $75 and have been loving it ever since. the bow shoots and holds like a much longer bow. The grip feels so natural for me. I have it tuned to shoot 3 under and I am getting great groups out to 40 yards. I used it in a couple 3d shoots this year and had a blast.

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