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Reviewed by Steve
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Most people will have seen clips from this and other DVD’s of Mr Ferguson’s on You Tube or somewhere on the internet, so is it worth coughing up the necessary to purchase this disc ?

In my opinion the answer is most definitely “yes”.

Incredible shots

The 55 minutes of archery doesn’t claim to be any sort of instructional offering, it’s just Byron Ferguson with a bow completely disproving the “impossible” that is mentioned in the lead up to some of these shots.

You will be digging this DVD out to show friends whenever the subject of archery comes up and despite endless “repeats” this film always remains fresh. Byron presents the whole thing himself with a confidence born of a supreme skill and mastery of his bow. Yes I know that it looks like he might have had a couple of goes at some of the shots and that is probably because he did them several times to get some of the camera angles, so lets not go down that road.
Byron is famous for his live exhibitions and this DVD puts together several of his favourites and some of the shots that the crowds expect to see – if you offer to do this stuff live, then you had better get it right or you are going to look pretty silly.

The fact is that it is an entertaining hour which can do nothing but inspire us archers to get better as it shows us that far from being impossible even the wackiest of shot can be achieved.

From Aerial shots with polo mints (lifesavers), to splitting playing cards the hard way, shooting multiple targets with one arrow and even opening a bottle of coke with an arrow !!  its real value for money as the action is non stop.
This DVD get played a lot and is certainly one that is fun to watch again and again.

Features & Design
It's a DVD . many of the shots have been taken straight from his TV "world of adventure" shows and bundled together to produce this vidoe, for all that it is no less a spectacular show. Byron of course presents it himself.
It would be easy to scoff that with enough arrows and enough film that anyone could come up with a DVD featuring wacky shots..... however Byron does this stuff live for a living which validates each and every shot.
Value for Money
No doubt...
A cracking DVD and well worth the £20, sit back and enjoy the show...