Forging Medieval Arrow Heads The Longbow Series Vol 2

Reviewed by Steve
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What I really like about the Longbow Series and the way they are made is that they are "proper" instructional DVD's, these are not made by a guy with a camcorder in his bedroom. These DVD's are properly structured, directed and produced to be informative. They are presented by the guys that know what they are doing, in fact I have watched programmes on the History channel with so called experts that offer you less archaeological facts than the presenters of these DVD's give you.

This DVD is presented by Mark Stretton, in case you didn't know is not only a blacksmith but someone who holds the record for shooting a warbow at over 200# draw weight. He is a recognised authority on war arrows having studied the Mary Rose arrows and surviving arrow heads from elsewhere. Using the information he has researched and the fact he is an accomplished Longbowman he replicates wonderful arrowheads as replicas of those used in the middle ages. if you are looking for forged heads to compliment Medieval arrows for Warbows you will find his work highly sought after.

The title of this one offers more than just an insight in to how arrow heads are forged, such is the level of detail that each stage is examined closely. For those that would like to try their hand at forging heads the DVD is probably the best resource you will ever find – it will lead you by the hand from choosing your material right to the finished article. There is also a section on problem solving when thing don't go according to plan, an ill judged whack with a hammer or a head that has not reached the correct temperature. Despite the fact that mark makes it look so simple there a many ways forging your own arrowheads can go wrong, this damage limitation part explores many of them and will offer corrective measures to ensure the result is worthy of your efforts.

For those of us that do not aspire to be smiths the DVD is entertaining and informative, to understand the process will be to appreciate the art of forging these devastatingly effective arrow heads. Along the way you will learn much of the effort and value placed on these items by both the Medieval archer and the smiths that created them, indeed when you see the effort that goes in to making them it will surprise you to learn that they can be bought at a very reasonable and modest cost.

No doubt making your own would be a rewarding and educational experience and by following this DVD you will be surprised that you don't need to own your own forge.



Features & Design
Another well thought out DVD from English Longbow Films – not really a surprise as the guys that produce and direct these are expert Longbow and Warbow archers themselves, so they understand what you need to know and they know how to present it.
Value for Money
It's twenty quid… easily worth that and more.
In terms of the folk that will actually buy this and try their hand at forging arrowheads, most likely the numbers will be small,however for the folk like me who are interested in not only history but accurate history and who want a better insight in to the arrows of the period there will be a much wider audience.