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Fred G Asbell Instinctive Shooting

Reviewed By Steve , 30 June 2011

There is no doubt that I won’t be the first person to say that there are as many ways to shoot a bow as there are archers, some have more success than others and some of the most successful will occasionally share their methods with us.This is Fred’s take on instinctive archery, it may be different to someone else who is equally successful and it may work for you too. Just so you know Fred has been shooting since 1961.. now, you're going to pick up a few tricks in 50 years of archery and happily he is prepared to share some of that knowledge with the rest of us.

I am not looking to comment on Fred’s technique even though he makes it look like there is some magic going on… he shoots so quickly. What I will do is comment on the delivery of the message and here he gets a big thumbs up from me. Firstly the DVD is of excellent quality and the menu is broken down in to all the component parts of the shot, from hand placement on the bow to finger position on the string.
Many will claim to shoot instinctively and although archery must, to an extent be a mechanical action, it doesn't have to be rigid, static and solid, it can, and for many folks it should be fluid, graceful and poetically beautiful .. something I aspire to,  I think that Fred’s method is a pure as it gets and he looks natural and at one with his bow – the message here is to use the gift of hand/eye co-ordination that we all take for granted and use in our everyday lives. Not to get hung up on small details of release and all the little form details…. He explains the form well and shows you how and why you don’t need to obsess about the release.

As we all know, it is practice which will make the archer and as we know too it is important to be practising the right thing – this whole DVD is one particular recipe.

The really great thing is that it is complete, take the time to watch the DVD several times and place your trust in Fred, if you practice it will work.

With each section clearly chaptered you can go back quickly to the part which you need to work on. The presentation is nice as he uses 3 “students” to explain the concepts to, we get to listen in whilst he does so.

Fred G Asbell

There are many “how to” DVD’s and this is an excellent choice for those who are looking to explore instinctive shooting, there is even a section for compound shooters – the message is that instinctive shooting is for everyone regardless of bow style.

Something which endeared the DVD to me after the first watch was that he didn’t try to sell me anything or use the DVD as a promotion for any of the fine products he puts his name to which I though was a nice touch – this 50 minute DVD is about the shooting pure and simple.

Before I had seen the DVD I had a feeling it would be one that I would go back to time and again. I own one of his quivers and figured that someone who could come up with such a brilliant design would have some interesting stuff to say about instinctive. Funnily enough this is one of the DVD's I often have playing in the background whilst messing in the workshop and each time it plays I hear a little tip or trick I have missed or forgotten from previous viewings.


Features & Design
A nice DVD that has been structured well, simple once step lessons take you down the path of the instinctive archer
I like the fact that there is a lot of talking and a lot of shooting - some concepts can be grasped purely by watching whilst others need a little explanation of how the process should feel.
Value for Money
At $25 for 50 mins of Freds time... good value
Professional quality DVD, if you want to know what instinctive archery is all about.... this is the DVD for you.


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