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If you haven’t heard of Rick Welch then you haven’t been paying attention, he has won, it seems, every version of any world championship going. It would therefore be very rude not to own a copy of this DVD.
Rick also runs a course where you can have instruction is his technique over 2 days (a fact which won’t escape you when you purchase the DVD).
This 60 minute DVD is quite upfront, Rick isn’t offering courses in magic, what he is offering is to share with you the very same technique that he uses with such great success – for $25, that is incredibly generous.
Over the course of a year I will see several thousand new archers at my archery experience venue, in all the years I have been operating I have come across only a hand full of people that were born to be archers with a natural talent that would make us mere mortal archers want to weep. For the rest of us it is a case of trying to find someone skilled enough to firstly possess the knowledge we need and secondly generous enough to pass it on AND in a manner that is easily understandable.
One of those men is Rick.

Rick Welch-

Rick Welch-Archery isn’t ………… or at least shouldn’t be rocket science and when presented well it would appear to be deceptively simple, Rick manages here to condense the information you need in to small bite sized chunks. His eye (reassuringly) stays firmly on the job in hand – his “when I want to hit a target here is what I do” approach means you can replicate his stance, finger position, draw and follow through. He breaks down even the timing of the shot.
Because he is who he is and has achieved what he has, his words carry real weight.
Just buying the DVD won’t be enough to have you collecting your Gold at the next 3D shoot you visit – you are going to have to get out there and practice his technique to get it to work for you.
Rick shoots 3 under, however his technique will still work if you shoot split finger.
When you watch the DVD you will notice that like all great archers his technique is one that he developed himself by taking the conventional components and changing them to suit his personality and shooting style. With archery there is no hard and fast right or wrong and time and again you will get what appears to be conflicting advice from archers who can clearly demonstrate great skill with a bow. The real point is that to become the archer you aspire to be you must start with a proven technique and practice…. Then practice some more, at some point you may need to very slightly alter components of your shot to fine tune and tweak until you develop a style that is all you.
There can be few better places to start than right here with this DVD and the technique that has served  Rick so well.

Having said all that, this isn't about new archers replicating his techniques or about seasoned archers junking their own methods and switching entirely over to Ricks style, although for some archers the "clean slate" approach can save time in the long run, there is something here for everyone and it might just be changing the pressure of the hand or a single change to a shooting routine. 

What really inspires confidence in Rick and his technique is the fact that he wasn't happy with any bow on the market so developed his own, now that might sound like a strange thing to say but someone who goes back to the drawing board to develop a bow is quite obviously paying minute attention to detail, it isn't as if there are no fine bows being built, so if he is paying that much detail to the bow then he must also have paid intense attention to every single nuance of his shooting routine. The really exciting part for us at Archers Review is that we have one of his bows on test right now... so stand by at the end of the month when we have given it a good work out.

If you decide that shooting his way isn't for you then there is still something to be gained, the simple fact of watching a great archer perform excellent shots will inspire you to maybe practice a little more in the knowledge that almost any shot can be achieved.

Rick Welch-


Features & Design
A DVD with a simple straightforward message " this is how I do it !"
Some nice shots to watch
Value for Money
At $25 this DVD easily makes it in to my collection and even if viewed only out of curiosity is worth every cent
The quality of the DVD is OK, not as polished as some but then Rick is an archer not a Film producer. A 60 minute DVD is never going to be a substitute for a hands on approach to texching, Rick knows and understands this and there is something of the commercial about this film. However, it does exactly what it promisies, Rick explains in some detail how each part of his shot is put together and some how to.. why to... and identifies a few common issues with his take on how to fix them. Overall an excellent DVD which I have watched several times and still enjoy. The DVD carries real weight because the technique is demonstrated by someone who uses it with great success.No collection will be complete with out this contribution from a true Master.