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We offer a number of opportunities for you to get involved with If you are an archery supplier or bowyer we offer a sponsorship package which allows you to promote your business or products right along side the reviews. If you are a manufacturer of archery products we would love to test you products for review.

Sponsorship Package

Each sponsor ship package is tailored to your requirements, however this will generally be on a per page review basis, featuring a head banner, side banner and your website details in the "Essential Details" box which accompanies each review. has been built from the ground up to perform exceptionally well in search engines which means that people visiting the site are already interested in the products they are viewing. It's this that gives sponsors on a unique advantage over the competition. 

Product Reviews

If you are a manufacturer or bowyer we would love to review your products, our reviews are fair and accurate and if you are kind enough to put your products up for review you will get the chance to see the review before it is published. All reviewed items can be returned if you wish or we can review the product longer term. 

All of our reviews are updated when needed to make sure they are relevant and interesting to out readers.

For higher priced items such as bows we offer a deposit, which you hold while the item is with us. Once the review is done the item is returned to you and the deposit is released to us. 

Combined Package

If you are a manufacturer or bowyer without a web presence then is an excellent way to get good web exposure at an exceptionally cheap price. Normally when setting a web site up you need a web designer, hosting space and on going maintenance. With you get all that rolled in to one. 

Because of the rich content we write our reviews rank very high in search engines, often higher than the products actual web site for certain search conditions. We constantly review our progress across all search engines and do everything we can to maintain our position. 

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If your product is already featured on the site then now is the ideal opportunity to profit from the exposure. We often get comments and emails asking us where people can source an item from, by becoming a sponsor you can ensure that those people are getting the information they need about your business. 

Use the form below to contact us about any of these opportunities, they are extremely competitively priced and we offer short or longer term advertising. 

All sponsorship is on a first come first served basis and we cannot guarantee that the page you wish to sponsor will be free so act fast to secure your page.

Archers Review

Steve Nicholson and Andy Gilfrin, are real archers interested in the best archery suppliers have to offer. In our search for the very best bow, arrows and equipment we have shot, used and worn pretty much everything on offer.

We value feedback from users and suppliers and are keen to hear from you if you wish to contact us about anything on the website.

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We are now offering the opportunity for suppliers, manufacturers and bowyers to get involved. Check out the sponsors page for more information.

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Latest Reviews

Last Update: 06 July 2011

Beiter Winder Profi and Profi X-HEAVY

I reviewed the standard winder way back in 2009, in fact I have been using that very same little machine right up to the last few months, it still works ...Read More

Fred G Asbell Instinctive Shooting

There is no doubt that I won’t be the first person to say that there are as many ways to shoot a bow as there are archers, ...Read More

Grizzly Stik Qarbon Nano Grizzly Stik 51#@28"

Christmas came early to the Nicholson household this year, 28th April in fact. Of course it wasn't really Christmas, but it felt like it, ever since I was ...Read More

Laporte Archery Target Thrower

There can few archers that would pass up the opportunity to shoot at proper aerial targets and when we heard that La Porte had produced a target launcher that ...Read More

Centaur 2pc 62" 45@26"

It's not often we start a review with a definition of a word, but on this one and only occasion that's exactly what we are going to ...Read More

Latest Articles

PAAS - Primative Archert and Atalatal Society Prehistoric Archery & Atlatl Society‚Äôs first ever weekend comp! We were really excited to hear about the Prehistoric Archery and Atalatal Society's first ever weekend shoot, but due to other commitments we were unable to make either day to cover the event. Super archer Sam Moss stepped up to the plate and has kindly allowed us to reprint her report from the event.

John at Work Building The Perfect Arrow While we spend a small fortune on bows, it's arrows that can really make the different when it comes to shooting performance. We talk to "Little" John Catley about his arrow building philosophy and tap in to his wealth of knowledge on the subject. 

10 Minutes With We have heard whispers from "up north", it seems there are some extraordinary English Longbows being produced by one Aidy Hayes. We have tracked down the bowyer responsible and find out a little more about the man.

Heritage Longbow Bow Making Course I am sure that there cannot be an archer out there that hasn't at some point wanted to make their own bow, I wouldn't be at all surprised to note that there are also a huge number of folk who only shoot bows they have made themselves.

Fire & Ice High on the flank of Norway’s largest peak, the Galdhoepiggen, 8000 feet, home to the legends of the old Norse gods, a small party of archaeologists work quietly and quickly, the season is short and there is much to be done.

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Top Twenty

A list of our top twenty favorite archery items we have reviewed. Click the image to read the review

Black Swan Full Bow easy-taper-tool New JVD taper tool Dick Boss O L Adcock Riser Boyton Lem/Hic 45# ACS 40@28 ST 14inch Pronghorn 61#@28" GFA Quiver Alpha Shooting Chrony SBD Strings Tuff Shot target Joe Lorezen arrows Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Footing Jig Bitzenburger Fletching Jig Black Widow Tab A choice of colours and designs ACS 45
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